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How Private Schools Guide Your Child and Develop a Love for Learning?

The love of learning is a powerful gift for any child as it helps them to understand the topics in-depth and how certain things work.

The benefit of enrolling your child in Dubai Primary School is the way it enriches your child’s learning experience. They gain knowledge, develop skills and learn to explore and discover, which leads them to a lifetime of growth and success.

In private schools in Dubai, teachers adopt a Montessori curriculum and an engaging range of activities to bring out the best in each child. They guide and allow children to explore the work materials or activities that interest or appeal to them.

How do teachers in Private Schools in Dubai adapt to teaching styles that equip children for a lifetime of achievement?

Child’s Interests

In a Dubai Primary School, teachers encourage every child to pursue their interests which helps children to understand their potential and they provide full support to enhance or improve their inborn talent and interests to rise to the surface.

Teachers pay close attention to them to understand their behavior and interest and give them opportunities to do more of what they love and challenge their abilities so that they get more creative.

Not only that, teachers guide children to try out new activities so that they learn to explore and understand what they love. This practice helps teachers to create a spark in them for certain activities and develop a love for learning new things.

For eg:- Teachers introduce students to fun counting games that they have never witnessed, which helps to learn numbers in a fun way.

Guiding toward Discovery

Teacher guidance extends even to the materials and lessons so that children understand what they are learning and learn it effectively. Montessori work materials are specially designed for children so that they discover and learn during the process.

For eg:- Children are given puzzle games to solve and learn so in the process they learn that a large peg can’t fit into a small hole and therefore it needs a peg of the same size to solve the puzzle. They learn the art of matching the right size peg to the right size hole.

This type of learning from their mistakes or correction for errors makes it easy for them to discover the right solution.

Practicing Independence

Children love to do activities on their own, it gives them a sense of confidence, independence, and competence. At a Dubai Primary School, teachers encourage students to do various activities on their own especially activities of their interest and other things such as wearing their shoes, eating on their own, taking care of their belonging, packing their bags, and other fun activities like watering plants, feeding fish and birds in the outdoor, putting the work materials and toys in their appropriate place etc.

Developing Enthusiasm

Joyful learning is the key to developing a love for learning in children. Montessori teachers know they play a pivotal role in providing the key lessons to children which will stay with them for life long, so they make sure they provide the best classroom environments and engaging activities for an active learning experience.

Everyday activities are turned into a fun learning experience for children.

The activities are based on engaging 5 senses (eyes, nose, ear, mouth, skin)

For eg:-( identifying colours, scent memory games, music, food taste, material and sand games)

Other fun activities include; phonic basics, experiments, gardening, craft and DIY, outdoor play activities etc.

Leadership Roles

Montessori Private Schools in Dubai have mixed age group children which helps younger students to learn from elders students. There is no competition with each other. Students gain many leadership opportunities and work independently and in groups. They learn to be kind, have positive interactions and practice positive teamwork.


If you want to make sure your child becomes successful in the future, giving them a good foundation through Private Schools in Dubai is important. If you care about your child’s achievements and successes in life then provide them with the best environment so that they develop a love for learning, become passionate and learn various real-life skills.

Get in touch today with counsellors to understand how your child’s learning experience will be at Dubai Primary School and how it can lead to a wonderful, fulfilling, productive and successful journey.

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