How much should you spend on your Smartphone?

Whenever we go to buy a Smartphone, we fix some boundaries. As we see that there are many androids as well as iOS devices present in the market, everything differs. The price, the features, and each aspect of the smartphone are different. But deciding to sell your used mobile and switch to a new one can be a tricky question. You have to decide and create a budget as their smartphones are available from low to high prices in the market.

Deciding to buy a smartphone you need to keep in mind some points mentioned below. However, prioritizing these points is upon the individual.

  1. Keeping in mind the budget

The budget is one of the most important factors that people look up to while buying a smartphone. However, the budget can differ for each individual. The price of a mobile phone changes based on its features and brand. You shouldn’t be attracted to mobile phones and go for buying them if it doesn’t fit your budget.

For example, if you are earning around 50,000 Rs. per month, then you must go for a smartphone that can be affordable in that budget only. Spending 15% to 25% of your salary is still okay volume by a smartphone. However, spending half of your salary or even more than that can lead you to different problems. You can either use that money for investments in the long term. You must keep in mind that after a few years you have any, which ways have to sell your old avcılar escort mobile.

  1. Prioritizing the feature is needed

You need to have a priority list according to your requirements. The need for the features new mobile phone can be different for each person who looks forward to buying it. Maybe you are looking for a mobile phone with a good camera and another person is looking for a mobile phone with a good processor. It depends on what quality of features we want on your smartphone.

If you are just looking for a general phone Then the list could be different. The point is that you need to know what features come first for you and only then you can go looking out for a smartphone. If the brand also matters to you, you can look up to mobile phones in the specific brand.


  1. Remind yourself that the cell phone is a depreciating asset

Mobile phones or any other electronic gadgets such as television, set, fridge, or even cars are appreciating assets. All of these need to be replaced after a period. They do not come with a specific expiry date but we know that it is going to not last for long. These electronic gadgets may be used only for a few years and then we have to keep on updating them. It can show off some issues which are technological errors.

In such times you might want a mobile repair visit and use it for a few more years. Other times when we were unable to repair room and want to replace it completely. Also, there can be newly updated devices in the market that are made attractive to them. Anyway, the software updates, assent to the mobile phone only for a few years after its launch. Later on, you’ll have to buy a new device to update it to be able to express new features features

  1. It’s not always about the price or brand

We are more attracted by the brand names which are popular in the market. It is nothing wrong but it is normal consumer behavior. The smartphones will always be more than 50,000 to 60,000. Some smartphones also go to around one lakh or even more. The price of the smartphone also differs based on the storage and the processor.

That is the reason people have started buying mobile phones with EMI plans. In such plans, they do not need to pay the full amount together but it can be divided every month. So always avoid focusing on the price and look for the features that you want. it is nothing such that you can’t get the best of features in a less price mobile phone. Everything can be possible with proper research.


Money is a personal matter and that is why the budget for a mobile phone can be different for every person. Some people might want only branded mobile phones which are always at high prices. It is nothing wrong to go for high-end smartphones. Just need to keep in mind that don’t get low self in trouble because of overspending on a device. Your can sell your second-hand phone with quick mobile sell options and on a great amount against it. Can use this amount in investing in a new mobile phone.

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