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How Is Flutter Different From Other Frameworks?

Flutter is highly expected to create a revolution in the app development industry. Backed by Google, it is sure to bring a notable change in the way high-fidelity apps are built for Android, iOS, desktop, and web. In addition, apps built with Flutter are more natural and native than other frameworks on all platforms. So how exactly is Flutter different, and why should developers choose it over other frameworks? Well, let us answer those questions through this blog.

Flutter – An Overview

Flutter is a free and open-source mobile UI framework introduced by Google. It enables you to develop native mobile apps for iOS and Android using the same source code. Flutter apps are built on the Dart programming language, a relatively old language similar to JavaScript and Java. Flutter also integrates the Skia graphics library with Material Design, facilitating speedy transition and design elements that give the apps a native-like feel. Furthermore, it is a power-packed toolkit with unique features like a 2D rendering engine, ready-to-use widgets, hot reload features and other development tools. This is precisely what distinguishes Flutter from other frameworks. 

Why Flutter?

Here are some of Flutter’s significant advantages and features that distinguish it from other frameworks.

Same code across multiple platforms

Flutter developers only have to create code once and can use this same code across both Android and iOS. Additionally, the tool is packed with widgets and material design, which allows developers to create apps that work cross-platform.

Adaptive to new platform releases

Flutter is designed to allow developers to access the new OS features and explore its capabilities instantly.

Detailed and clear documentation

Flutter provides simple yet detailed explanations of every process and provides an in-depth explanation of the tools for cross-platform app development. This considerable and understandable documentation is one of the significant reasons which distinguishes Flutter from other frameworks.

Easy integration of complex animation

By using ready-made widgets like the animated builder, animated container, and more, developers can easily integrate complex animations into the app. In addition, the Flare Runtime and Rive’s support for Flutter are making the animation game exceptional.

Faster prototyping

Flutter allows you to design an app that fits the respective platforms easily. Furthermore, developers can make animations seem fluid and real by using various widgets. Therefore, you can experiment with your project idea by developing a prototype using Flutter.

Cost-effective app development

Flutter is easy to understand and requires fewer resources. Furthermore, with a single Flutter app developer, you can build apps for both iOS and Android. The developers can use the code libraries and extensive tools available on the Flutter platform.

Faster yet effective development

Flutter excels in designing and developing cross-platform apps. As a result, developers do not have to put much effort into developing and testing native app development.

Exceptional catalog of Flutter Widgets

Flutter is filled with a variety of widgets that assists designers in developing eye-catching UI. the comprehensive widget library lets developers build apps that give a native feel.

Hot Reload feature

The biggest challenge faced by developers of other frameworks is seeing the impact of changes made in the source code. The hot reload feature of Flutter eliminates this challenge as it allows developers to view the changes instantly. In addition, Dart uses ahead-of-time and just-in-time compilation, which enables developers to see results in real-time. 

Powerful Material Design Support

Flutter extends support to material design which allows the development of out-of-the-box applications.

Best for Startup MVP

Flutter development is the best solution for startup MVP as it requires less time and budget.

An active and growing community

The Flutter community is growing daily, thus offering developers excellent community support.

Supported by Android Studio and VS Code

Flutter is supported by various Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) like Android Studio and Visual Studio. Android Studio is ready-to-use, and all you have to do is download Flutter and Dart Plugins. On the other hand, VS code is lightweight, and you can configure everything using plugins.

AdobeXD support

Adobe announced its XD support to Flutter, which will assist development teams in creating and sharing designs for various apps.

Native-like features

Apps built using FLutter give a native-like look and feel without compromising on any feature or speed of development. It also allows you to access native features and highly focuses on giving a native performance.

Less Code

Flutter requires a single code that is deliverable on both iOS and Android. Dart, the programming language of Flutter, is similar to javaScript and is declarative. However, it does not use JavaScript bridge, and therefore, the apps built on Flutter have improved performance.

Themes for various platforms

Flutter provides a wide range of themes for both iOS and Android apps. You can use themes within widgets to change the color of the background, font styles, etc.

Firebase support for backend

Flutter has strong backend support from Firebase. This allows you to efficiently carry out your project developments without worrying about cloud storage, real-time databases, hosting, cloud functions, authentication, and more. This means that you do not have to invest resources and time specifically for backend development.


Wrapping Up

The unique features and benefits mentioned in this blog are the core reasons Flutter app development is the best choice compared to other frameworks. It takes less time, resources, and money while providing a wide range of features to build the app. You could either hire a Flutter developer or a Flutter app development company to build your applications, and either way; you are sure to benefit from this framework.

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