How does field service inspection software boost efficiency?

“By 2024, 69% of all the managerial work will be automated” — Gartner website. Having said that, field service inspection software is a game changer for organizations. Well, on any given day, one is expected to be busy juggling hundreds of things in the field. Each day is a flurry of activity, whether managing staff, a site survey or inspection, or handling compliance. This makes way for several problems that a manager is likely to encounter. The communication between the back office and the field can easily break. Today, in this post, we will identify the common problems faced by the managers or the field officers when it comes to managing the leads and processing information manually. We will also discuss how field service inspection software makes the task easier for you. 

Scheduling conflicts

scheduled conflicts occur when two tasks hold the same slot on the field service representative’s calendar. Mostly there are three types of scheduling conflicts: 

  • Overlapping events- when two tasks are scheduled for the same time slot.
  • Double booking – when two field service representatives are booked for the same task. 
  • Unavailable time slot- when a representative is booked for a slot when the client is unavailable.

If this frequently happens, it can be an existential threat to your organization’s reputation. It can also frustrate the field service representative. In both cases, you must find a remedy immediately. 

Error of location

The task sheet provided to the field representative usually contains the name and address of the customers in written form without an extract location. This makes it difficult for the representatives to find the right location quickly and end up at the wrong place. Representatives end up wasting a lot of time struggling with areas. It also hampers the manager’s productivity due to repetitive calls from the employee.

Lack of communication

Typically, managers use phone calls and text messages to connect with the representative on the ground. However, many of them have noted that it takes a lot of effort from the office staff to keep them updated either because their employees are not in the network area or because their work requires such minute details. As they lack accountability, messaging apps on personal devices typically fail to sustain real-time connection with the team. It is unreasonable to expect each representative to operate their devices similarly. If this problem resonates with you, read the blog until the end to know the solution.

Unorganized paperwork

Task sheets, audit forms and all the other details available in the form of paperwork are the reason for unorganized storage. There are high chances of losing important documents in this chaotic storage method, followed by repeating the whole process of gathering information. 

To get out of this messy situation, you need to take a digitalized approach that eases the managing process and help your get real-time update. Let us explain how the field service inspection software can eliminate the problem and increase effectiveness. 

Organized scheduling

When all the tasks are assigned on the software along with its date and time of execution, this leaves no chance of schedule conflicts. The application records every minute detail of the employees and task assigned, reminding you that a particular representative is already booked for the day.

Save travelling time

Such software helps a manager to assign tasks remotely. The agent is provided with all tasks and verification sheets remotely, boosting their output. It reduces the time and money needed to go back and forth from the office to the customer’s location. 

Easy monitoring

Okay, let’s be honest; as a manager, your responsibility is to monitor your employees to evaluate their performance. Now, it’s easy to monitor the employees available on the premises, but what about the ones out in the field? It can get challenging to track their whereabouts. The software allows you to have a real-time update of every employee. You can access work reports from anywhere, anytime. You can add tasks, improvise the day plan and keep a follow-up accordingly. 

Organized storage

For the problem of unorganized storage discussed above, the software eliminates a lot of paperwork as the records are entirely digitalized. The software also assures that there is no loss of data ever again. 


The processes followed in an organization to get things done form the foundation of the business operations. The successful execution of processes leads to positive growth and sustainability. Each day is a chance to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization. Use field service inspection software in your favor to eliminate errors and boost the efficiency of your organization.

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