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How CBSE Students Can Manage Tuitions and Schools Simultaneously?

It is difficult to manage school and tuition simultaneously, as it gives less time for students to prepare and learn. But not to worry, in this article best CBSE schools shared some important tips that help students manage both these things efficiently.

Back-to-back classes in schools and then coaching after schooling take up most of the children, resulting in less time for self-study. Well, this is why it is important to manage timings to complete each work on time. Best CBSE schools understand that proper planning is essential for better execution, hence giving some fantastic tips that help students to tackle time efficiently and effectively.

What to do for the management of School & Tuition altogether?

Make your Time-Table

The very first thing is to do- make your timetable according to your study schedule. Figure out the stuff that is immovable and necessary to do like assignments, projects, or work activities. Schedule that on the priority list and then schedule your remaining time.

Look out carefully when you will do your homework? Self-study? What about your sleep time? Answer all as per your timings allotted in school and tuition and make the day-wise timetable. 

Start to Prioritize Your Schedule

Sometimes you don’t have time to go through each assigned task for the day. Well, at that time prioritize your work that is a need of the hour. Even if you feel it is critical to do but very important and first to do, then go ahead. Once you can prioritize your work, it becomes quite easy to manage everything at once. 

Don’t Drop Any Subject!

Children often drop out of some subjects in which they are not good enough. They spent less time on their least favorite subjects which ultimately affects their scores. Tuitions are being done to improve your weak subjects. So, make sure you are giving ample time to your least favorite or weak subjects too, as it plays a big role in making your CBSE scores. 

Spare some time for unforeseen situations

When you are preparing your daily schedule, make sure that you have spared some time for unseen circumstances. Sometimes, there will be a case that you have to go through the syllabus of a particular subject as pre-boards are coming or a surprise test is coming. In that scenario, if you have already managed some time for extra work, you won’t panic at the time of test alarms. 

Keep Your Mind Calm with Sleep & Healthy Food

Last but not least, don’t forget to give calm to your mind and body. Hence, make sure you are sleeping for at least 6-7 hours a day. It will be really effective as you won’t feel tired or stressed. In fact, sleeping for accurate hours will increase the concentration level. Adding to sleep, make sure you are eating at proper timings. It is good if you are taking leafy vegetables, fruits, and healthy meals in your diet.

The Bottom Line!

Managing tuition and school syllabus is very vital for students, after all, they can’t risk their future. Good to know, there are schools like The Global Indian International Schools (GIIS), Ahmedabad, that stand in front of managing everything together.

Our school is also providing counseling to students so that they don’t feel stressed at the time of exams. Moreover, our fee structure is also the same as other fee structures in CBSE schools. So, without making any delay, connect with our school and let your child get the best education without any hassle!

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