How Brands Can Jack Up Their Business with Custom Vape Boxes?

Imagine a scenario. There are two boxes placed in front of you. One is a plain, brown packaging box, and the other is a trendy colorful customized box in option. Which one would you prefer to buy? Yes, you will readily go for a custom printed box rather than a plain boring box. There is no denied fact that packaging is crucial for gaining the customers’ attention. It is as important as the product quality. And if the brands can gauge the customer’s attention, it means they have hit the right note.

Without an iota of doubt, customized packaging magnifies product beauty. It convinces the customers that the product is worth purchasing. Hence, they are ready to pay extra bucks for a memorable unboxing experience. For example, electronic cigarettes and vaping are creating a buzz in the market. And no doubt it is a billion-dollar industry. There are so many brands out there in the market. Certainly, every brand scratches its head hard to stay one step ahead of its competitors. Therefore, if they want to step up their marketing game, custom vape boxes are a must. It not only provides utmost protection to the fragile cartridges but also serves as a powerful marketing tool.

Therefore, if you want to triple your brand’s sales, so read below the following points:

Visually Attractive Custom Vape Boxes

What is the first thing you notice about a product? Is it the price, the size, or the packaging? The truth is the packaging is the very first thing the customers notice about your product. No doubt, the brands put in sweat, blood, and tears in making a product. But if the packaging fails to grab customers’ attention, the entire hard work goes down the hill. Therefore, visually attractive custom box packaging for vape is a win-win situation. It makes your product shine bright on the display shelves. Thus, it readily grabs the attention of potential customers.

Differentiate Your Brand from The Rest

Visualize a scene. You have entered a grocery store. You are super excited and thrilled to buy your e-cigarettes. But, the moment you enter the store, you are full of anxiety and confusion. OMG! All the boxes look the same. There is no brand logo or product description. And now you are standing there all blank. So instead of buying the right product, you end up picking up the wrong one. Hence, if you want to ease the customer’s buying decision, custom vape boxes are mandatory. It helps the customers make an informed decision and also sets apart your brand from the rest.


Expands the List of Loyal Customers

Can you tell me when do the brands lose their customers?

Yes, you guessed it right!

They lose their customers when they cannot fulfill their demands and expectations. Moreover, it is a total disaster when the brands lack the element of creativity and innovation. Therefore, the customers instantly switch to their competitors for better quality and services. Hence, if the brands want to retain their existing customers and attract potential ones, customized packaging is a must!

Spike in Sales

We all know that profit and loss are part and parcel of the business game. No doubt every brand dream big to be a smashing hit. And the truth is there is no more rocket science! The printed vape boxes are the secret to a brand’s success. Once the customers are satisfied with your packaging, you are all good to go. Thus, it leads to increased sales and profit. Is it not that amazing?

Powerful Marketing Tool

Packaging is not only meant to protect the fragile cartridges. But it also serves as an effective marketing tool. Using a brand’s logo, color, and design speaks volumes about your brand. The customers can recognize your vape boxes from a distance. Moreover, they even recommend it to their friends and family members. Hence, custom vape cartridge boxes are an incredible marketing tool. Certainly, they act as a silent salesperson and reach a wider audience.

Use of Sustainable Packaging Material

There is no denying the fact that global warming is on the rise. As a result, the customers are not willing to buy from brands that show zero social corporate responsibility. Hence the use of eco-friendly packaging material is the best option. For example, using Kraft paper or corrugated material helps you reduce the risk of damage to both the planet and the people. Therefore, it helps the brands to build a positive brand image. Thus, it results in a strong customer-brand relationship. In a nutshell, if the brands want to ramp up their sales, custom vape boxes are a must. It is a real game-changer for your brand. So, what are you waiting for? Jump on the bandwagon to step up your marketing game!


Brian Walker is a blogger and digital marketer, who had made great achievements in all of the projects he ever worked on. He is currently working at IBEX Packaging as Digital Marketing Manager and without any doubt, he is a skillful and vital marketing strategist of IBP. His interests are business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Follow him on Social Media for more!

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