How Big Data is Becoming Popular Among People? Top 5 Reasons

  1. Big data on the decision-making table

We have established that Analytics is a crucial component for many companies to compete with their opponents. Therefore, they need efficient data analytics to accumulate and handle these companies’ data. And help these companies to make the decision for their growth. According to a recent survey, more than 53% of companies rely on big data to make critical decisions for their companies. And they firmly believe that Big Data is the reason for their revenue generation. Therefore, pursuing a career in big data analytics will put you in a prominent position in one of the major companies in the market.

  1. Unstructured data analytics is on the rise

Due to the recent rise of big data in the business market, the Data is still unstructured. More than 40% of companies have reported that they are yet to analyse their unstructured data. These include their weblogs, social media posts, pictures and e-mails. And the remaining companies have started taking the initiative to analyse their unstructured data and implement data structuring by the next 6 months to one year. Thus, there is a massive demand for data analytics in these companies.

  1. Big Data is everywhere

By now, the fact has been established that Big Data is everywhere. And it is used by some of the major e-commerce companies and creative platforms. But, let us take a vivid look into this; it has been found out that Big Data is used in all major industries. They are namely healthcare, consumer service, energy, manufacturing industries, banking sector, and technology. So you can choose from a variety of industries to work in. And love your job.

  1. It’s a game of prediction

It has been predicted that the big data industry will grow from 64 billion USD to USD 103 billion CGAR by 2027. Surveys also state that international defence services and multiple vital international sectors will use Big Data analytics tools. Big data analytics for technology has already more than 45%. Cloud technology has grown by 17.5% and for computing technology it has increased at par. So, if you want to choose big data analytics, then this is your time.

  1. So many options to choose from

Big data analytics is now used in various fields for professions. Therefore, there are numerous job profiles to choose from. Some of the prominent career options to choose in this profession are Big Data Analytics Business Consultant, Big Data Analytics Architect, Big Data Engineer and Big analyst, to name a few. And you will be hired by some of the best organisations in the industry. These organisations include IBM, Teradata, Bluefin Labs and Tracx, to name a few.

Parting words

The big data industry is growing, and if you want to be a part of it, this is your chance. The best brains are investing their labour to make this industry grow. And the honchos of every sector, public and private, want big data for their growth. So, rest assured after you have completed your education, you will be recruited by the best of the industry. You would have to sit or waste your time looking for a job. So, pursue this course and soar sky-high. And if you need tutoring, know that there are multiple tutors available for you.

Author Bio:

Henry Tesfaye is a data analyst with 15+ years of experience. Henry is also associated with, where he offers SWOT And PESTLE Analysis Of Wells Fargo to students. In addition to this, Henry is an avid anime lover and watches them whenever he has time.

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