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Help Prevent Teen Suicides – Acceptance For LGBTQ2S+ Youths Crucial

Recent research shows that if a child or teen who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, gender fluid or transgender has family acceptance, then there is more chance of having better self-esteem, fewer issues with alcohol or drug abuse and less chance of issues into adulthood. It is also a step towards helping with suicide prevention. One of the big factors of teens trying to commit suicide and succeeding is depression. When they have a supportive family and there is access to professional help during the process of learning who they are, this is a big move.

Preventing mental issues and self-destruction

There are a number of factors or signs that indicate a teen is considering suicide. Taking rash action, drug and alcohol abuse, acting out, and being withdrawn are just some of them. A teen who is dealing with questions concerning being lesbian, gay, bisexual, gender fluid or transgender already has a lot to handle. They are more likely to be bullied at school or online and might be struggling with how they feel about themselves and their place in the world. Talking to a suicide prevention charity is one way a supportive family can help them. Leaving them to be isolated can lead to bigger issues such as self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

Families need to be more engaged in their teens’ lives. There needs to be a balance between support, open communication and then setting clear rules that you expect them to abide by. With the right care, attention and focus on wellness, LGBTQ2S+ teens can thrive, and have support if peers are not as accepting. The final result is a teen that grows into a healthy and happy adult, with lower rates of drug abuse, STDs, depression and improved suicide prevention.

Studies have shown that drug abuse in this group of teens is 190% more likely. For some those destructive patterns continue into adulthood and then it is years in and out of rehab. That is if the teen makes it to that. Too many decide to end their lives because life is just too hard. As well as seeking help from other places you might also take a look into teen rehabs that are specifically for this group of teens. It can be very helpful to them to be treated at places that are aware of their specific issues and with other teens around them who get it.

Programs are needed in schools

One of the big places we can make a difference to the awful facts about suicide as well as with parents is in school. Educators need to learn the signs of problems with low self-esteem, depression, and self-injury which are all indicators that suicide is a risk. Both parents and schools should check out a suicide prevention charity to get some free resources and to learn more.


There is a lot to do in order to see any change in the worrying trends of suicide rates, drug abuse and self-destruction. A suicide prevention charity is just one place you can seek support. But while there are some government resources and training available more is needed. It is also time to stop the silence around suicide and talk about this awful thing that is hitting our youth hard. As a society, we also need to be more accepting of each other whatever our differences.

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