Hearing Aids Singapore: Bernafon vs Widex

We’ve got you covered if you’ve come here to learn more about Hearing aids Singapore. Even at a young age, anyone might have hearing issues. Others may have been born with hearing loss, while others are only noticing warning signals in the job. Residential and commercial surroundings affect hearing health, therefore choosing the best hearing aids will help. (Hearing aids Singapore) 

What You Should Know About Hearing Aids

An ear examination may be necessary if you are experiencing problems hearing water drips, birds tweeting, phones ringing, or personal interactions. Hearing aid providers don’t just suggest hearing aids for your ears. They have hearing care professionals that are in charge of analyzing existing issues that are interfering with your daily activities. Hearing aids will not solve any hearing difficulties. They’re made to help people hear and listen better by improving their hearing issues. Hearing aids typically filter out undesired noises even in a noisy environment.

Hearing aids are electrical devices that help hearing by amplifying sound and are worn in or behind the ear. Although they may appear to be earbuds, they are actually sophisticated hearing aids. 

A microphone, amplifier, and speaker are the three essential components of all modern hearing aids. A little microphone on the gadget picks up sound and delivers it to a microprocessor, which converts it to a digital signal. The digital signal is amplified by the amplifier, and the amplified sound is delivered to the ear by the speaker.

A hearing specialist programmes the new hearing aid to the precise degree of hearing loss discovered during the test after a hearing test. The hearing aids with automatic volume adjustment for better hearing in varied contexts are available. Hearing aids can help people with all levels of hearing loss, but profound hearing loss is usually treated with a cochlear implant, which connects the hearing aid to the inner ear.

Hearing Aids That Will Work In 2021 And Beyond 

There are several alternatives to consider when visiting a hearing health practitioner before purchasing a pair of hearing aids. Of course, quality is the top consideration, followed by features and benefits. Budget is another issue that most purchasers face today, however there are affordable hearing aids that perform well with your ears. 

Following is a list of hearing aids to consider purchasing:


Bernafon, on the other hand, has introduced the Bernafon Alpha hearing aid, which has cutting-edge hybrid technology that allows users to hear natural sound even in difficult situations. This unique method does the following: 

  • A crisper spoken signal while keeping the area’s natural sound. 
  • It is possible to establish a balance of voice clarity and listening comfort. 
  • It has no influence on the clarity of the voice or the sound quality. 
  • You may successfully shelter yourself from irritating noises thanks to feedback. 

Bernafon also offers its new EasyConnect service, which allows customers to contact their preferred hearing center via video conferencing without having to leave their house.


Widex is a family-owned business that was starting in 1956 in Denmark and is now part of the WS Audiology Group. 

It is one of the world’s largest hearing aid producers. Widex specialises in luxury hearing aids and sells them in over 100 countries. 

They are noted for developing revolutionary digital technology at a level of quality that few can match, earning them a reputation as one of the industry’s most fascinating manufacturers.

They now lead the industry in device processing speeds, allowing them to deliver an unrivaled range of sounds, from ambient noise to crowd whispering. In both Singapore and Malaysia, The Listening Lab is a premium partner of Widex. 

Additional information on the brand: 

  • Sound reaches your perception without delay thanks to ultra-fast processing rates. 
  • The Widex hearing experience is one of the most comfortable in the business today, thanks to its wireless, rechargeable design and proprietary algorithms.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Hearing Aids

Costs rise as technology advances. 

Higher-tech hearing aids cost more, so make sure you can afford the features you want. If you want the latest features, buy the most expensive model. Hearing aid technology levels vary in price between devices: some are highly expensive, while others do not cost much more. 

Hearing aids are not cover by most health insurance coverage.

It was deemed elective, not obligatory, by most insurance carriers. Insurance companies cover items unlikely to happen naturally, such accidents, but not those expected to happen due to age.

Longevity of hearing aids 

Hearing aids can last anywhere from three to seven years, depending on the kind, how well they’re care for, and how much you use them. 

Material used to make a hearing aid’s chassis and circuitry, cleaning and maintenance, and style/type all affect its longevity. IIC hearing aids are smaller and more fragile than RIC hearing aids.

We recommend that you clean your hearing aids properly, bring them to your hearing care provider for adjustment and maintenance, and keep them away from wet enclosures if you want them to last as long as possible.

Hearing aids are not water resistant. 

The ingress protection rating on most hearing aids indicates how resistant they are to debris and water (IP). This rating indicates how resistant each device is to these elements, however because resistance is determine by the IP certification, hearing aids are not waterproof. 

If you leave your hearing aids in a wet environment, such as your bathroom, or if you shower with them, they are likely to be harm. This is true even for water-resistant devices: if they are exposing to enough water, they will need to be replace.

You must take extra steps to protect your devices if you leave them in damp regions or live in a humid environment. Disposable hearing aid dehumidifiers and UV light devices that remove humidity overnight are available.

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