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Great Ways to Deal with Mosquito Infestation at Home Effectively

Mosquitoes are a notorious kind of pests that can infect the house, causing you a lot of harm. The buzzing sound is enough to strip you of your beauty sleep at night, leave alone the mosquito bites that can not only be irritating but also life-threatening.

You can hear the buzzing sound as the sun goes down. With it, you can expect to get bitten here and there. The bites pose serious health issues and that can cause a lengthy bill. If you don’t want these irritating guests to haunt your house, then one must take proper care of setting a protective perimeter along the coast.

In India, every year lots of people get admitted to the hospital on the account of mosquito bites. They are not just financially draining but also life-threatening. One of the worst enemies of humankind, they can cause diseases such as malaria, encephalitis, chikungunya, dengue, etc. Health reports suggest that most children are the target of these pests. These creatures don’t just irritate you with their annoying sound but also bite you. Even though these bites are nothing serious the itching can be very annoying too.

Usually, it’s the bad environment that leads to population explosion in mosquitoes. They are usually bred in untidy surroundings, stagnant water, and unused items. According to pest control services in Noida, after the rainy season, they are said to increase in number and affect the neighborhood. You can prevent the house from mosquito infestation by following simple tips. Have a look at them.

Tips to Prevent Mosquito Infestation at Home

Start Fixing Gaps

Mosquitoes don’t need much space to enter the house. A minute passageway is enough to get them inside. The gaps on the walls can become that entry point for the mosquitoes. During regular maintenance take care of these gaps and holes in the walls and you won’t have to worry about making your house pest-free. It is not just about the mosquitoes entering the house through these gaps but there are others who may come into the house.

Call a maintenance guy to fix these gaps properly or else go for temporary setups with m-seal or door strip that can prevent the entrance of the pests inside. These are simple methods to tackle the pest infestation in the house.

Use Mosquito Nets

The best way to prevent getting bitten by the mosquitoes at home is to use the nets. The bedding nets can provide you with a good night’s sleep. Whether the house has mosquito infestation or not, using a mosquito net is a healthy habit that everyone must follow. Looking at the disease caused by the mosquito bites like dengue, chikungunya, malaria, and others, it is best to protect yourself.

Mainly mosquitoes come to haunt us during the evening and nighttime. For the evening you can move about and prevent them from biting you but what about when you are asleep? To get a good night’s sleep you will have to make proper arrangements to have nets installed properly. It will not only provide safety but also prevent disturbing humming sounds. You will find it safe to open the ways for ventilation.

Mosquito Traps

Technology should be applauded for the traps that are very beneficial in catching mosquitoes. You can find them easily on e-commerce sites. Purchase them and then use them to get rid of mosquitoes in the house. Electric mesh or mosquito bats are also very good at eradicating pests from the house. The batting form can kill the mosquito as soon as the mosquitoes come in contact with them.

There are various DIY tips that can help in controlling the mosquito infestation at home. If you are not interested in buying any such things, it will be best to use DIYs.

  • Bring water and one cup sugar to boil and then add 2 cups of cold water to it once it comes t boil.
  • Use a plastic bottle, cut in two halves. Flip one on top of the other and add it properly.
  • Let the mixture reach the temperature around 90 degrees, then add one teaspoon of dry yeast.
  • Pour the solution into the bottle and secure the opening with packing tape. This will be very effective in trapping the pests. All you need to do is change the traps every 3-4 days.


For many Listerine might be a regular mouthwash that is found in every household. But they can be used in keeping the mosquitoes away too. The mouthwash contains the main ingredient, eucalyptus oil, and that is avoided by these pests too. Therefore, you can use mouthwash as an effective mosquito repelling agent.

Add Listerine to prepare DIY for which you require Epsom salt and beer. Mix these ingredients and spray them under the corners, bends, crevices, bathrooms, and places where mosquitoes can hide. Using this the mosquitoes will stay away from your sight for at least eight weeks.

Hire Pest Control Services

DIYs, fortifying the house from the mosquito infestation is all secondary but first, you need to run a proper inspection and spray the right type of pesticides. For this, you will need professionals who know how to get the job done. No matter how many varieties of DIYs you use still, it is best to hire pest control services to treat the place with the right pesticides. They will not just sprinkle products inside the house but also treat the neighborhood to prevent these pests from entering the house and infecting anyone inside it.

It is best to have them come for inspection just after the rainy season when the mosquito larvae become active. Before they reach adulthood, they need to be treated so that, they stay safe. want to know more about it? Have lots of doubts? Then you should talk to the best pest control services in Delhi, NCR who will help clear all your concerns. Get the best treatment plans and choose one that appeals to you in all senses. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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