Gojek Clone Nigeria: All-In-One App Support For Every Business

The Pandemic spread havoc on Mankind, sparing no one, not even Big Institutions or Businesses. Businesses were crushed on a Global Scale, especially the New or Small Ones! According to Statistics by The World Bank, One-Fourth of Companies saw a 50% downfall in their Sales from October 2020 to January 2021! But, Gojek Clone Nigeria rose as a savior for every kind of Business! 

Food Business 

This App lets Users Order Food from nearby Restaurants, Food Joints, or Cafes! Thus, it helped the various Food Businesses to Boom again. More and more people started trusting them because of their Hygienic Workplaces and strict adherence to Covid-19 Safety Measures! People were still Fear-Stricken of this Baleful, Air-Borne Virus. But, the feature of Uploading Videos and Photos in the Photo Gallery helped these Businesses to showcase their Corona-Free and Sanitized Workstations, regular Temperature Checks of In-House Drivers, Chefs, etc.

Online Taxi Booking 

Covid-19 Safety Features of this Powerful Gojek like App Nigeria helped existing Taxi Drivers to get Online and offer Safer than ever Rides. The App Users no longer feared commuting via Taxis or Moto because of the Boatload of Corona-Related Features that the App offers. The Restricted Passenger Limit encouraged Social Distancing. While Ride Cancellation ensured that the Rider and Driver can cancel the Trip if either of them is seen violating the Covid-19 Measures. 

Other Features were Face Mask Verification of the Taxi Driver, Confirmation of the Safety Checklist, and giving Users the flexibility to Rate and give Feedback to make sure that the Providers aren’t contravening the Protocols! 

On-Demand Salon Services 

Gojek Clone Nigeria is bliss for On-Demand Services that are still facing the Pandemic’s wrath. Salons were shut down for months which Financially drained them! Thus, this App helped the Individual Beauty & Salon Experts to render their Services online. The Professionals wore PPE Kits, N95 Face Masks, Hand Gloves, and even Face Shield while giving At-Home Services. 

Moreover, to maintain transparency between the Provider and the User, the App Launched the OTP Verification System. Wherein, the App User is sent a 4 Digit Code on their Registered Email ID and Phone Number. They have to tell this OTP to the Provider and only then do they start the Service. 

On-Demand Car Wash Service 

The On-Demand Multi Services App also includes the Service of Car-Washers. The App User can Book a Car Washing & Detailing Expert based on their Rating, Reviews, Service Fee, and their Background. The Car Washers was shut down for a while because of concerns related to Contact while cleaning and Social Distancing as well!  

Soon, these Individuals started offering Door-to-Door Services. The entire team of Car Washing & Detailing Experts from a local Washer registered on the App. And with that, they no longer had to wait for their Weekly or Monthly Salaries to be credited to their Accounts. The Experts now rendered the Services according to their Convenience and earned a living all by themselves! 

Local Grocery Stores 

Groceries and other Food Items are a necessity; none could overlook their importance even when the Pandemic hit the Streets across the World! Since people were prohibited to step outside their Homes, Contactless Doorstep Deliveries helped the people to Order everything they needed to Restock their Refrigerators or Snack Shelves. 

Also, Online Transactions through In-App Wallets and Bank Cards helped to fuel Contactless Deliveries eliminating Cash Transactions. This was useful because Cash is still a Primary Carrier of this lethal Virus! 

What else to say, just that the Gojek Clone App is a Prizewinner! 


Surprising how One App can help so many Businesses to get back on track after the Pandemic or simply Two-Fold their Income! But, what if you own such an App? As an App Owner, you can offer a huge number of Service Providers to find a Platform to render their Services and Earn Money. On the other hand, it’ll help you Earn Commission on every Service that’s offered through your Powerful Gojek like App.

So, grab this opportunity and win the Golden Ticket to become a Millionaire in just a few clicks and blinks! 

Alexa James

Alexa James is the Content Manager at She has a keen interest in writing about the latest mobile app technologies. She also loves to write a lot about on-demand mobile app development.

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