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Getting the right AED

The simple purchase of an AED NZ for the office or for the home or school could be a life-saving decision. An AED is an Automatic external defibrillator. Just a short number of years ago the idea of people having their own defibrillators, having them in the office and such was quite ridiculous. It was not something that just anyone could ever use, it took training. But then there were advances in technology and that meant defibs were not just smaller and portable, they were easier to use and even gave instructions so that the person using them does so correctly and safely. Anyone can operate it, and as a result, more companies developed them. With a range of colours, models, types and prices, it is a buyers’ market for portable and personal defibs.

Things to look into when buying a home AED

Here are seven things to think about when you are looking to buy an Automatic External Defib.

  1. Type of model – There are a lot of different types now on the market and this is definitely a case of one size does not fill all. They come with different options so you need to choose one that closest meets those needs.
  2. Support from the company – Some manufacturers offer better warranties, support and so on than others so you need to shop accordingly. Look for 24/7 support and make sure they answer any questions you might have.
  3. Deciding between a company that also produces other medical equipment or only focuses on AED units – You might think that the latter is better but sometimes if you have other medical needs it works out better to choose the former.
  4. Consider the charging of the unit – What shelf life does it have, how long does it last when it has been charged and does it have an expiration date?
  5. Thinkabout its accessories – If this is a unit being kept in a school does it have pads that are suitable for children? Can it be wall mounted? Does it come with suitable signage? Does the AED NZ come with suitable storage?
  6. Is it easy to use or does it need training – Does it come with a manual, are there compliance documents with it, what if you have users that are non-English speaking?
  7. How much will it cost – Keep in mind that the lowest price is not always the best unit so try to get the best you can for your needs that then fall within your budget.


There are several options for a good office or home AED so what you select depends on where it is for, who might need it, and what other needs they might have. There is no point in buying an AED for adults only for example for a school. Or one that only offers english speaking guidance when half the office speak french. Choose a trusted maker and supplier and you can then feel more confidenct that your choice is the best one possible and that it will be there should the awful circumstance happen that you need it.

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