Evergreen Coconut Farming in India for Beginners

Coconut Farming trees are known to give fruits for a long time. One of its trees has remained green for more than 80 years. It is also called the plant of heaven. Coconut fruit is used in religious rituals of Hinduism. Its tree is more than 10 meters tall. The stems in coconut plants are leafless and branchless. Water is extracted from the fruit of raw coconut and used for drinking, and its pulp is eaten like this. Apart from this, oil is extracted from ripe coconut, and apart from eating its fat, it is also used in the body and medicines.

The amount of zinc found in its fruit due to which it can be used to get rid of obesity. It is also very beneficial for skin related diseases, along with its use can also get rid of burning sensation, cold and diarrhoea.

Soil, Climate and Temperature

For the cultivation of coconut, sandy loam soil with proper drainage is required. It cannot be cultivated on rocky land. The roots of the coconut tree are found deep in the ground. Therefore its cultivation should not be done on rugged land. Moreover, Powertrac Euro 47 is best for land preparation purposes and it comes with an efficient price.  

The coconut plant has a warm and sub-tropical climate, so its cultivation requires an environment with a relative humidity of the air. It involves air with a minimum humidity of 60%. Coconut fruits ripen well in hot weather. Coconut trees require an average temperature to grow well, and their plants can tolerate a maximum temperature of 40 degrees and a minimum of 10 degrees.

Field Ploughing & Fertiliser

Before planting coconut plants in the field, the field is properly prepared. Farming is made level by ploughing it well. Therefore, the problem of water logging is not seen in flat areas. After ploughing the field, the pits are prepared for planting the plants in the prepared field. These pits are designed in rows, in which a distance of 20 to 25 feet is kept between each row, and a distance of 15 to 20 feet between each pit, one meter deep and vast holes are prepared. 

Planting Method 

Coconut plants are planted in the form of seedlings. Its plants are grown in June, but their plants should not be transplanted during the rainy season. After this, a small pit is made in the prepared holes in the field, and plants are planted in these pits. After this, they produced the plants with the soil removed from the pit covered from above. Its plants can be grown from the middle of June to September. And for planting method Swaraj 717 tractor models is used because it can handle implements efficiently.  


Coconut plants require more care for 3 to 4 years, during which they have to be protected from excessive cold and heat. Initially, coconut plants require a proper amount of air for growth. The hybrid variety of coconut requires more irrigation. But if the plants are not planted during the rainy season, they require immediate irrigation. Irrigation of plants by the drill method is very suitable because it gives the proper amount of water to the plants, and the plant can grow well.

Weed Control

Weed control in coconut plants is done by natural method. For this, weeding of the plants is done. Its plants require three to four hoeing in a year. Due to this, they will not have to face a financial crisis till they get the yield.


Harvesting fruits from coconut trees is a more difficult task because its fruits are attached at the top of the tree, harvested by climbing the tree. If you want to gather it for coconut water, pluck the fruit when it looks green. Apart from this, harvesting is done when the fruit appears yellow if you want to harvest ripe fruits. An adequate amount of oil and fiber is obtained from fully ripe fruit.

One hectare of coconut field can yield up to 50 quintals from a single crop. Moreover, the market price of coconut is excellent in terms of quality and use, so farmers can earn a good profit by cultivating coconut.

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