Effect of efforts visualized by taking A Plus

In October 2021, the school promoted the use of ICT in various situations while grasping the needs of children, such as setting up charts for each class and club activity unit and interacting with each other. For the first time, I took the digital and information utilization test CCNA certification diagnoses the achievement level of the three areas of computing (programming), information moral security, and information design. As a result of CCNA certification it became clear that the school is superior to the national average in the field of computing, especially in the fields of “procedure assembly” and “conditional branching”. The school has set up a morning activity “logic time” several times a month to create opportunities for children of all grades to experience programming while using puzzles and tablet terminals while taking the “P Plus Junior” exam. Was also the first opportunity to verify the results of such activities.

Bronze medal system

  You can check the child result form of “P Plus Junior” for each examination in each area. The achievement level for each area is display using the gold, silver, and bronze medal system. Furthermore, the grades for each item in each area are shown in a bar graph. So that you can see at a glance what you did not do, and you can look back on the results yourself. In the teacher diagnosis results, the evaluations for each grade, class, and each child’s results are display for each area and each question item in the area. It can be use to confirm the results of overall measures and guidance by the school, grade, class, etc. In addition, since you can see the details of the grades for each child, you can use it for detailed feedback on what you could and could not do individually. Regarding the merits of “P Plus Junior,” Professor Miyake said, ” By visualizing the results of our efforts, we will be able to provide guidance based on evidence, and it will be easier to propose and consider new initiatives. We will promote ICT in the future. I think that a test like “P Plus Junior” will be a guideline for promoting ICT at schools that do. “

40 iPads School Free rental

  On March 1, 2022, LoiLo started a public offering for free iPad lending in the first half of 2022. For all educational institutions aiming for an environment for each person, 40 iPads and the lesson support of A+ certification training in school will be rented free of charge. The application period is until April 20th. The loan period is from mid-May to September 20, 2022. Which supports the environment for each person, has been lending iPads to all educational institutions. For free once every six months since 2018. This time, the open recruitment for the first half of 2022 will start on March 1st. The iPad with the lesson support cloud “LoiLoNote School” install will be rente free of charge. Including rental fees, communication fees, cloud usage fees, and shipping charges. Since Safari is disable on the rental iPad, the browser uses Loilo’s Web card. In addition, as a general rule, it is not possible to install other apps. The number of rentals is 40 iPads per school. In addition, an iPad protective case and a charger are include. However, if you need dedicate storage or a pen for the terminal, you must prepare it at each school. Participation in a workshop hoste by LoiLo is a prerequisite for lending. When used by the local government, all schools in the local government can use it free of charge.

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