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Digestive system will be strengthened by Udarkarshanasana yoga

There are many benefits of Udarkarshanasana yoga. With its help, your digestive system works properly and there is no problem with constipation.

Udarkarshana Yoga is also known as Universal Spinal Twist. As the name suggests, with the help of this yoga asana, you exercise the whole body by rotating your spine to the right and left. With the help of this yoga, your indigestion, constipation, and digestive system-related problems are also removed. With the help of this yoga, you can also do different things. Yoga has an effective effect on your mind, body, and health. It is very beneficial to start your day with Udarkarshanasana yoga. This makes your body feel fit and agile throughout the day.

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Benefits of Udarkarshanasana Yoga:

  • Udarkarshanasana yoga helps you to reduce the extra belly fat.
  • Stretching the muscles relaxes the whole body. And at the same time there is no pain in the body.
  • Apart from this, women also get a lot of relief from cramps during periods.
  • Improves digestion and also helps in getting rid of gas.
  • Also, back pain and spinal disorders can also be relieved by this mudra.
  • It gives relief by creating a stretch in the knees and fingers of the body.
  • It is also good yoga to detox the body.

How to do Udarkarshanasana Yoga:

It is very important to do this asana correctly to avoid any kind of injury and to get the most out of this yoga. So follow all the steps carefully.

  • Lie down straight on the ground keeping both feet together.
  • Keeping the palms down, spread the arms at the level of the shoulders.
  • Bend the right leg, bringing the foot near the left knee. And put the left hand on the right knee.
  • Fully bending the left leg and keeping the foot close to the left knee, bring the right knee down to the floor on the left side.
  • Looking at the middle finger of the right hand, turn the head to the right.
  • Place the left hand on the right knee and the right hand and shoulder should be in contact with the ground.
  • Then you turn your head to the other side i.e. towards the left knee. During this, keep the leg straight.
  • Now you can do this exercise as long as you feel comfortable.
  • After that, bring the knee and head in the middle and come back to the previous position.
  • Now this exercise can now be done by straightening the right leg.

Practice this asana 5 times from both sides. As a continued to inhale and exhale during the entire asana. Take a slow breath and release it when you reach the final position. You can also do this asana with the help of an expert.

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Precautions during Udarkarshanasana Yoga:

Do not bring an excessive strain on any part of the body. Excessive stretching can cause pain in the thighs, legs, knees, hips, and back. Apart from this, if you have pain or injury in your back, then do not practice this asana at all. Also, if you have any problem with migraine or spinal cord, then avoid doing this asana.

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