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Design Ideas Colours for Indian Bedroom

In 2022 we like to experiment and play along with colours for their spaces. People just not only go for powder blues, whites, beiges, yellows and pastels that we’ve safely been using in India all this while as bedroom wall paint colours.

Now people like completely bold colours. We’re here to tell you that there are other shades in colours card that you can pull off in your bedrooms without looking too bold or whacky. The best part is that these shades suit Indian design sensibilities and fit right into our modern homes and apartments and give them luxury feels.

So, let’s bust some defined notions, shall we?

  1. Indigo

Shades of Blue is blindly trusted for the bedroom because of its relaxing qualities. But it’s time to explore bold shades of blue. So, Indigo is rich and comforting, and appealing and it goes very well with bedroom furnishings and the interior of the house.

How to customize it: Your indigo walls are a perfect background for rustic and earthy furniture. Not just that, traditional prints like ikat and Kantha, and fabrics like jute and rattan look lovely in such a room.

If you are looking for something remarkable, go for furnishings in deep yellow or orange. And if you want something more natural and easy-going, accents in white and brown look elegant — think ceramic vases, vintage lamps and paintings with brown frameworks.

  1. Pear Green

A happy colour, pear green is one of the best bedroom paint colours if you want to wake up in a good mood with positive vibes every day. It’s a yellowish-green that has made its way to Indian homes.

How to customize it: If you like this shade too lively, tone it down by combining it with shades like ash greys or crepe pinks. Defining straight lines in the black room gives the room dimension, while chevron or geometric patterns look impressive.

  1. Burgundy

If you don’t like Reds and Maroon on your walls? But still want a bold tone for your room. Then you are for sure missing out on the shade of burgundy. Burgundy or Red wine are eccentric colours for the bedroom, especially if you love something theatrical and intense. Yet your room will give cosy vibes.

How to customize it: Since burgundy stands for its self-image and is an exciting colour shade for the bedroom wall, keep everything else gentle. A white bedding or wall art framed in white will gives a contemporary approach to your burgundy wall. Dainty Flower Prints and smaller styles or go for stripes in black and white. Reflective accents like a sunburst mirror, copper chandelier or metallic table lamps would look gorgeous and balance out the tone of the room.

  1. Amber yellow

Yellow in the bedroom is something new to the board, though people before the pandemic people choose for kitchens and living rooms. Amber is such an Indian colour. Warm and uplifting, it’s a magnificent shade that will correct your mood if you wake up from the wrong side of the bed.

How to customize it: Bringing those greenish-yellow tones. An amber background is your canvas for lots and lots of plants that will stand out against the stunning tint.

  1. Violet

Violet is stylish and luxurious, yet it has the personality to be spirited. It’s a colour that turns things around in the bedroom and gives you the freedom to experiment with forms, designs, patterns and textures.

How to customize it: While violet is traditionally used with greys and yellows, we suggest you go all bohemian.

  1. Charcoal grey

Grey is no longer boring! It’s the same with bedrooms. If paired with the right tones and Design Ideas colours. It will surely create its magic.

How to customize it: If you like a peaceful setting, put up white sheer curtains and throw across a white embroidered bed cover. Moreover, if you want the ambience to be fun and marked, opt for accents and furnishings with balancing colours of orange, yellow, turquoise, teal, coral and fuchsia. You can also soften up the grey with metallic accents like chandeliers and lamps. opt for warm lighting that brings out the warmth of the grey likewise.

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