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Data Science Course Malaysia Helps To Shape Your Career

Glassdoor has ranked data scientist the top job in the US for four years running. Moreover, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 279 percent increase in employment in data science by 2026. There is not only a great demand, but also a lack of trained data scientists. (Data science course Malaysia)

“There’s clearly a scarcity of individuals who can conduct data science,” said Daniel Gutierrez, managing editor of inside BIGDATA. Get a master’s degree in data science or analytics if you love computers, numbers, and finding solutions via data analysis. Or maybe, you can register for a Data science course Malaysia to sharpen your skillset.

What Actually Data Is?

Data scientists acquire, shape, store, manage, and analyse data, according to Martin Schedlbauer, PhD, a data science professor at Northeastern University. Your Amazon purchases, Facebook feed, Netflix suggestions, and even the face recognition necessary to check in to your phone include data.

Amazon is a great illustration of how useful data collecting can be for consumers. Amazon’s data sets recall your purchases, payments, and searches. Amazon can then tailor its homepage displays to your preferences. So whether you look for camping gear, baby things, or groceries, Amazon won’t bombard you with geriatric vitamin adverts. Instead, you’ll find useful goods like a portable newborn camping high chair.

Data science might also remind you of routine purchases. If you purchase diapers every month, you may see a similar discount or promotion. This data usage is intended to function as a trigger, pushing you to think, “I just recalled I need to purchase diapers, and they are on sale now.”

Data science helps both businesses and consumers. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, big data may raise a retailer’s profit margin by 60% and personal-location data can allow customers to collect $600 billion in economic excess. If you planned to buy a jacuzzi for $7,500 and discovered the exact type you wanted for $6,000, your economic surplus would be $1,500. Data science may enhance store profits while saving customers money, which is good for the economy.

Why Data Science is Vital

Data science allows merchants to influence our buying patterns, but data collection is vital for many reasons.

Wearable trackers may help enhance public health by encouraging better practises and alerting people to possible health risks. Data can also help diagnose illnesses, locate remedies faster, and even limit viral propagation. When the Ebola virus reached West Africa in 2014, scientists could trace the disease’s progress and identify the most susceptible places. This data helped health authorities stop the outbreak before it became a global pandemic.

Data science is vital in most businesses. Data is utilised by farmers to improve food production and delivery, food suppliers to reduce food waste, and charities to increase fundraising and forecast funding requirements.

Author Steven Levitt said in 2015 that CEOs are aware of the relevance of Big Data, but lack the resources to implement it. The mix of cooperation with corporations’ large data and randomization, he argues, will be at the heart of what economics and other social sciences are moving ahead.

A job in data science is a wise choice, not just because it is popular and pays well, but also because data may be the economic pivot point.

Demand for Data Scientists

Data scientists are required in almost every industry, not just technology. In reality, Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook employ less than 1% of US workers. For these high-paying, in-demand jobs, a college degree is usually necessary.

According to KDnuggets, a renowned Big Data website, “data scientists are highly educated–88 percent have at least a master’s degree, and 46% have a PhD.”

Here are some of the top data science jobs you can get with a master’s degree.


Salary: $117,212

Find, clean, and organise data for businesses. Analyze massive volumes of complicated raw and processed data to uncover patterns that might assist a company make strategic business choices. Data scientists are more technical than data analysts.

2. ML Engineer

Salary: $131,001

Machine learning experts construct data funnels and software solutions. They often require good statistical, programming, and software engineering abilities. They are responsible for creating and constructing machine learning systems, as well as testing and evaluating their performance.

3. Data Scientist

Salary: $137,053

Examples of supervised, unsupervised, and deep learning methods used in adaptive systems. Most machine learning researchers are Research Scientists or Engineers.

4. Apps Architect

Salary: $129,000

Typical Job Requirements: Track the activity of business applications and their interactions with one other and users. Applications architects develop the application’s architecture, including user interface and infrastructure.

5. Architect (Enterprise)

$ 150,782

An enterprise architect aligns an organization’s strategy with the technology required to achieve its goals. To develop the systems architecture necessary to satisfy those demands, they must fully understand the company and its technological needs.

6.Data Architect

Salary: $118,868

Typical Job Requirements: Design analytics programmes on different platforms. Data architects generally seek to enhance current database systems’ performance and usefulness, as well as give access to database administrators and analysts.

7.Infrastructural Architect

Salary: $127,676

• Ensure that all business systems are running well and can accommodate new technologies and system needs. A Cloud Infrastructure Architect manages a company’s cloud computing strategy.

8. Data Engineer

Salary: $112,493

Process data in batch or real-time. Data engineers also develop and manage data pipelines that link data sources inside a company, allowing data scientists to access data.

9. BI Developer

Salary: $92,013

Common Job Requirements: BI developers create methods to help business users discover the data they need to make better choices. They employ BI tools or build bespoke BI analytic apps to help end-users understand their systems.


Salary: $88,989

• Collect, analyse, and evaluate data to find patterns and correlations that may guide corporate decision-making. Statisticians also create data gathering systems, communicate results to stakeholders, and advise corporate strategy.

11. Data Scientist

Salary: $69,517

Transform and modify huge data volumes to meet business needs. In many firms, this function includes web analytics and A/B testing. An analyst’s reports to organisational executives successfully convey patterns and insights derived from their study also help in decision-making.

Data Scientists Are Always Needed

“There is a definite demand for people who understand a business requirement, create a data-oriented solution, and then execute that solution,” says Schedlbauer.

From government security to dating applications, data scientists are required everywhere. Big data is used by millions of companies and government agencies to improve customer service. Data science jobs are in great demand and will not be slowing down soon.

Getting Started

There are many methods to prepare for a career in data science. Most essential, you will need to impress possible employers with your knowledge and experience. You may get such abilities and expertise by pursuing an advanced degree in your field of interest.

Northeastern University, for example, offers master’s degree programmes in both data science and data analytics. Both programmes enable students to engage in co-ops and experiential learning opportunities prior to graduation. After considering your personal history, hobbies, and professional ambitions, you may decide which degree programme is best for you and take the next step towards your goals.

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