Clickoot Developed a Best E-commerce Delivery System in Pakistan

Clickoot Developed the Best E-commerce Delivery System in Pakistan-Clickoot is a logistics company based in Lahore. The company’s main is to provide a next-day delivery service software-based comparable to those offered by Amazon, a world leader in online retail. Amazon’s delivery success rates are far higher than those of Pakistan’s incumbent logistics firms, and Clickoot aims to provide its customers with a delivery experience on par with Amazon.

Leopards courier

The best E-commerce delivery system in Pakistan is provided by Leopards courier, which has a vast network of warehouses and delivery vehicles that make it easy to deliver any kind of product from one place to another. The company is also capable of handling bulky shipments and offers its customers a range of tracking services. It also offers an overnight delivery service for large shipments.

One can integrate the Leopards Courier shipping API with their e-commerce platform to ensure that customers are aware of their tracking status. This enables them to track their parcels easily and accurately, regardless of where they are located. Customers are guaranteed safe and timely delivery.

In order to be eligible for this service, businesses must first register their business. Customers can then select a package size and choose the shipping method.

Leopards courier has grown rapidly in Pakistan and is a leading local courier company. It covers almost every major city and has some international destinations. The company offers different eCommerce solution packages, including same-day and overnight package delivery. You can even track your package on the company’s website and choose when you want it delivered.

Another way to save money is by using Drop Off services. Drop-off services are more affordable than online delivery, as they eliminate the cost of courier collection.


An E-commerce delivery management system is the payment method for a majority of online retailers in Pakistan, with over 90% of e-commerce transactions settling in cash. While cash on delivery is a viable option, it increases operational costs and liquidity requirements for e-commerce companies. Cash on delivery has a short payment cycle, ranging from a week to a month. This creates a cash flow problem for online sellers. The solution is Revenue Based Financing, or RBF, from PostEx.

Founded by Omer Khan, PostEx combines an E-commerce delivery system payment with logistics services, delivering products to over 220 countries. The company’s services are available to both domestic and international eCommerce businesses, with immediate delivery within Pakistan. It also provides its customers with apt email notifications and efficient delivery tracking.

The platform operates 16 hubs in Pakistan. Merchants send orders to the company’s delivery agents, who pick them up. A scanner scans the product, determines its hub, and sends it to a delivery center. Once there, the delivery agents pick up the bags.

TCS is the leading courier company in Pakistan, with headquarters in Karachi. It provides online parcel delivery, and its membership card offers discounts and additional paybacks for members. Membership cards can be recharged online, and rewards points are earned on each transaction. These reward points can be exchanged for various courier services.

Call Courier

In Pakistan, the E-commerce delivery system is still a reality. For example, PostEx offers cash on delivery. It isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Fortunately, Clickoot has taken this reality into account and developed a delivery system that makes it easy for Pakistani e-commerce sellers to take advantage of it.

The company’s technology provides a way to offer next-day delivery to customers. It runs 16 delivery hubs in Pakistan, covering 60% of the country. Its logistics team has made over three million deliveries to customers. Today, the company’s staff number is nearing 700.

Cash-on-delivery is a common payment method for online shoppers in Pakistan. However, this practice requires dedicated teams to handle cash receipts, raising operational costs. However, many larger e-commerce companies are now starting to use digital payments, including mobile banking.


In Pakistan, E-commerce delivery management system companies have a difficult time making deliveries on time. This is where the rider comes in. A rider is a platform that makes next-day deliveries possible in Pakistan. It started out in Karachi in 2019 with four staff members and has since expanded to serve more than 60 cities. The platform’s technology makes it possible for sellers to offer next-day delivery and offers live tracking and scheduling for buyers. Rider’s services are now used by more than 650 online sellers and cover over 60% of the country’s e-commerce demand.

The company has grown to serve thousands of eCommerce stores in Pakistan. Its services include domestic deliveries, first-mile delivery, and inside-city logistics. It also provides international shipping for businesses of any size and is currently working with more than 1,000 retailers. Its services are available globally, and riders in Pakistan can use the platform to deliver products to customers anywhere in the world.

The e-commerce delivery system market in Pakistan is expected to grow to 12 billion by 2025. The company has partnered with Call Courier, a logistics service provider, to offer its clients a more flexible and reliable platform for fulfilling online orders. Together, they are creating the best e-commerce delivery system in Pakistan.

The rider was designed to simplify the delivery process by connecting merchants with reliable couriers. They also offer an order management system to merchants. They make money by charging a fee for each delivery. This fee is calculated based on the weight of the parcel and the distance traveled.

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