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Choosing The Right Garage Door: It Works With These 6 Tips

Our tips reveal what you need to pay attention to when planning, selecting, and buying a garage door to find the right door for you.

With our 6 tips you will choose the right garage doors

Choosing the right garage door westerville oh is often more difficult than initially thought. Because garage doors differ not only in their appearance, but also in their material-like properties, their structure, and their functionality.

With our 6 tips below, you are optimally prepared to choose a garage door – regardless of whether you are looking for a door for a new garage (door purchase) or an existing garage (door exchange).

  1. How many “wings” should your door have?

Garage doors typically have one or two door leaves. A door with two gate leaves is an extremely popular variant, which is also called a double leaf gate. You can open its gates either individually or with both “wings”. Plan enough space, because depending on the leaf width, the pivoting range of the door varies. If there is not enough space available after installing the garage door, your swing gate can quickly become a problem.

  1. Do you need a wicket door?

How do you want to use your garage? As a parking place for your car or as a multi-purpose garage? Having to open and close the door of a garage, for example as a workshop or storage room, can quickly become a nuisance. In this case, you should think about an integrated door, a so-called wicket door.

Such a wicket door is embedded in the door leaf. Their use protects the movement mechanisms of the garage door leaf, so that damage due to wear and tear is reduced. The big advantage of a wicket door is that even in the event of a power failure of an electrically controlled locking mechanism (see tip 4), the wicket door remains accessible. A distinction is made between wicket doors with and without a threshold.

  1. How do you want to open and close the garage door?

Depending on the mechanism with which you open and close the door, garage doors are divided. So there is:

  • Up-and-over doors or overhead doors,
  • Sectional doors (in the variants: side sectional door and overhead sectional door),
  • Roller doors,
  • Sliding gates,
  • and swing gates.

Classic swing gates (see point 1) with two leaves (one walking and one adjusting leaf) are hardly found in modern garages. If they are used, they are usually made to measure by the carpenter. When buying a garage door massillon oh, you usually have the choice between up-and-over doors, which are certainly widespread because of their good price-performance ratio, roller doors, sliding doors and sectional doors.

A swing gate opens upwards. It is robust because it is made from one complete piece. The sectional door can also be opened upwards. It fits into any garage opening, regardless of whether it is rectangular or beveled. Even garage doors with round arches can be realized with sectional doors.

  1. Should your garage door be opened with muscle power or an electric motor?

While some garage doors are opened and closed by hand, this task is performed by an automatic system in other models. It draws its energy from an electric motor. Please note: The automatic system uses electricity to drive your door, which can increase the operating costs of your household.

The great advantage of an electric opening and closing method is that it is easier and faster to use. But the electric drive also scores in terms of safety (see tip 8): an automatically locked garage door cannot be opened by hand; if you try, it blocks.

  1. Do you want to be able to control the door remotely?

A hand-held transmitter is a practical thing: it saves you the hassle of getting out of the car. Thanks to special radio technology, all you need to do is press a button to open or close the garage door as if by magic. 

  1. Do you want the door to open automatically when you approach it?

In addition to a manually operated remote release, a light barrier system is another option for opening and closing the garage door. With a light barrier system, the door opens as soon as you step or drive into the area of ​​the light barrier. This is particularly advantageous if you do not have a free hand to open the gate. This system also has advantages for people with disabilities, as the door opens and closes completely automatically.


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