Building an Ecosystem for Digital Entertainment with AKASH DTH

Beximco Group is regarded as the leading contributor of innovative solutions for many industries. Speaking of the entertainment industry, the Bangladeshi company has introduced its DTH solution.

AKASH DTH by Beximco, making an ecosystem for digital entertainment. With the use of the service observed, it has succeeded in the aim. This is the first such solution in Bangladesh. In terms of quality, the worth of the value, and overall satisfaction, the direct-to-home service is another innovation of the company that benefits many in the country with the best features.

Beximco Group was established by two of the most successful businessmen in Bangladesh, Salman F Rahman and Sohail F Rahman.

Top 3 Features of AKASH DTH

The focus of the company in Bangladesh has been to make an entertainment service with exclusive quality. Its belief is that when viewers stream on television, the signal experience should nowhere cause problems, especially in terms of quality. This is the main reason why the ecosystem featured by Beximco has enhanced the media and television industry.

You can find several other features of AKASH DTH by Beximco that stretch beyond quality. You can expect multiple channels, the ease to subscribe, and great service throughout your subscription.

  1. Endless Choices to Watch on Television

With the DTH service, a user can find multiple choices that can suit his/her preferences. The user may have an inclination towards sports, education, culture, health, or any other such preference. The service includes these choices to keep the users entertained in many ways. Furthermore, the belief of Beximco Group is that such choices can play a role in transforming Bangladesh by making people more informed or knowledgeable about these areas. Thus, making the service more apt for use. Beximco Group otherwise is known for its commitment to the country and the people.

  1. Convenience for Subscription

A prepaid subscription need to view channels via AKASH DTH. A notable thing about it is that it gives flexibility to the users. They can choose the channels to subscribe to. The choices can vary from local to foreign channels in huge numbers. Moreover, they get to manage accounts by themselves in a user-friendly space.

Adding more to their convenience, the subscribers get customer support which actively works round the clock. With experts being a part of the support team, customers can call 24/7 and get help on a real-time basis.

  1. Excellent Service during and After Sales

As you purchase the direct-to-home service by Beximco Group, you don’t need to go through any hassles to install it. The company sends professionals who do everything on your part. Not only this, should you experience any issue afterward, AKASH DTH does its best to resolve it with its professional team.

Let us Sum up the Above

For making an ecosystem that features digital entertainment, AKASH DTH by Beximco gives a remarkable solution. Supporting both entertainment and knowledge, the Bangladeshi company provides ample choices to the subscribers. For every type of query or assistance, it has a team eager to help the subscribers. In the upcoming time, the company is expecting to grow further. This can promise more benefits to the subscribers.

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