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Breaking and Disposing Concrete Guide in 2022

Breaking concrete is never an easy project. It can be tough to rent a jackhammer, and it can be expensive if the project takes a long time. It can also be tough to use the jackhammer. A better option might be to use a sledgehammer. This is a less expensive way to break concrete, and it can be more leisurely.

The trick to breaking up concrete is to dig underneath it before hitting it with a hammer. This will weaken the concrete and make it easier to break.

You can use a demolition bar to pry up a small slab of concrete, such as a patio square or an air conditioner pad. Another person can then hit the slab with a hammer to break it into pieces. This will have the same effect as digging underneath it. Alternatively, you can pry up the slab and put a rock or piece of lumber under it to hold it up above the soil.

Disposing of Broken Concrete

Do not dispose of concrete in your regular garbage service. Most collectors will not take it. You can arrange for a dumpster through a trash pickup service, but be sure to tell them that you need it for concrete, and find out how much you can fill the dumpster. Often a dumpster can be filled only about one-quarter full with masonry materials, which are extremely heavy. On the other hand, broken concrete does not have to be thrown away. There are plenty of ways to use it around your yard:

  • You can use large pieces of concrete to create a low-cost stone-look pathway.
  • Stack the concrete pieces up to make a short garden wall.
  • Make short retaining walls using concrete pieces.
  • Create a fire pit by stacking the pieces in a circle.
  • Use the pieces as edging for a pond to hold down the pond liner.
  • Use the small rubble as French drain material.
  • Use the concrete as fill material when you want to build up an area of your yard.

Breaking Concrete By Hand

If you don’t take your time, this project can quickly become difficult and exhausting. Work slowly and steadily, making sure to take breaks. Remember these expert tips:

-Take your time

-Work slowly and steadily

-Remember to take breaks

Here are the tips you need to incorporate on your project

You need to wear eye protection when breaking up concrete. This is to protect your eyes from the flying shards, grit and sand. If the concrete is less than 4 inches thick, it is easy to break it up by hand. If it is more than 4 inches thick, it becomes much harder. Remember to take frequent breaks and stay hydrated while doing this work.

Breaking up concrete is hard work. You need to take breaks and stay hydrated. To break off large pieces, make a series of blows in a line to create a stress crack, then strike in the middle of the area you want to remove to break the concrete along the line.

The size of the chunks you remove is limited by how much you can lift and carry. If you can’t lift heavy loads, break the concrete up into small pieces. You can use a grinder and masonry wheel to score the concrete where you want it to break. A cold chisel (for masonry) can also be used for scoring.

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