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Best Ways to make Money on Amazon in 2022

In keeping with the current digital world of money making, Amazon has a lot of potential and numerous ways to earn money on Amazon.

According to the latest industry statistics, Amazon is the leading online retailer within the United States with close to 280 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 net sales.

It’s whether it’s online retail or computing services, using Amazon’s affiliate program and working from home or even joining up as a social media influencer There are a variety of ways to earn money from Amazon.

It is a simple process that requires only a little effort to get money flowing into your account every month.

1. Merch By Amazon

Merch by Amazon is an excellent opportunity for artists to stimulate their creativity and create their very individual T-shirts. All you have to do is upload your art and then connect it to the item style and color.

After that, you will need to post an outline of your T-shirt’s product page. Then, you can wait for the customers to get into the shirt, and let your imagination to the max.

When a transaction is completed, Amazon takes the entire charge of the production, shipping , and customer service, without initial costs for the start of your own business. This allows you to earn money from Amazon without any cost!

Amazon pays royalties for every sale, and without anxiety of having to buy more stock since Amazon prints only on a sale-to-sale basis. Anything that remains after expenses and charges, is yours.

To keep the track of sales for items that sell most it is possible to use analytical tools that provide comprehensive reports on all of your products.

2. Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

Amazon FBA Program is a much more convenient choice if you’re planning to sell your items, as opposed to the merchant-fulfilled program on Amazon which requires you to manage inventory storage, shipping , and returns on your own.

The primary difference between the selling methods is that FBA allows FBA you send your inventory through Amazon and they handle packaging, inventory shipping, customer service, as well as returns.

This reduces the burden and reduces the burden of keeping track of the inventory and space, as well as increasing the reach of your customers.

In this way, you can earn money from Amazon without having to worry about admin tasks.

This is a pay as you go option which means that you only pay for the storage. 

If you’re unsure of the best strategy for you, Amazon offers an FBA profitability calculator to ensure that if you can earn money from Amazon it’s well worthwhile to put in the effort and time.

3. Join Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Associates is one of the first affiliate marketing programs that was launched in the 90’s when websites and bloggers developed Affiliate links to drive sales.

If the clicks resulted in the sale on Amazon or other sites, the Affiliates made referral earnings.

The process is ongoing and easy, as you have the option of choosing from more than one million products that you can advertise to your customers and you can earn the possibility of a 10% as an advertising fee from Amazon.

The users can vary from bloggers to big online platforms or e-commerce sites that make use of linking tools to earn revenue through their websites and earn profits on Amazon.

4. Dropshipping on Amazon

Amazon Dropshipping is a fulfillment option that lets online retailers outsource purchasing, storing and shipping items to a third-party.

This method of fulfillment is a great option for entrepreneurs who want low-cost overhead and minimal capital investment, however it’s not without price.

Amazon Dropshipping allows you, the seller, to outsource delivery processes and fulfillment processes to a third-party, usually a supplier.

The supplier or manufacturer is responsible for the manufacturing and storage, shipping and distribution of the products to the buyer.

This model of business appeals to some online sellers since it could reduce the cost of operating and overhead.

In certain dropshipping agreements you are responsible for customer service and marketing, while the dropshipping company handles the physical items and the fulfillment.

5. Amazon: Kindle E-Books

Publishing on Kindle is one of the easiest and profitable ways to earn money through Amazon which is the largest online retailer across the United States, with hundreds of millions of users each day.

You could earn up to 70 percent in royalty and have your book published in a matter of minutes and available on Amazon’s websites within 2 days.

Once it is published, you can sell it on Amazon websites in multiple languages and also publish it to the Kindle ecosystem. Additionally, you will be able to keep the rights to your content and create prices for yourself. Be sure to have high-quality material, a successful title, and an outstanding cover.

After this is done, you can then market and promote your book to earn profits by selling it on Amazon KDP, practically for no cost.


It’s a market that is so huge, that you can take advantage of it in every method you can think of, whether it’s via designing T-shirts, becoming an affiliate dropping-shipping your product, writing a book, or doing small jobs-Amazon can help you with every single one of them.

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