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Best Quillbot alternatives in 2022

What is Quilbot 

QuillBot is a paraphrasing tool that also offers summarizing facility that helps a huge number of students. And professionals shorten the time that they usually take while writing. The time is not just shortened by a few minutes but more than half. Using the prevailing technology of AI to rewrite any sentence, paragraph, or article. Lets check out some alternatives (WorkSpaceGoogle, n.d.)

Uses of Quilbot 

As mentioned above QuillBot is a popular tool mainly used for paraphrasing tool. With the advanced technology of AI to rewrite one’s content. Many people think why would anyone need to paraphrase their tool when they can write it on their own. There are many reasons why a student in particular would want to rewrite their content.

For example, a student might want to rewrite a better version of the content with more useful information. And better linguistics by using more synonyms or English phrases that could uplift the content and make it seem better than before.

Quilbot allows the writers to use different wording and styles of writing instead of using the same common words. Throughout their paper, assignment, blog, article, or dissertation. This is one of the features of QuillBot that it automatically switches. Some of those words that are being repeated and rephrase some sentences according to the entire text.

Quilbot is one of the reliable resources that is used by millions of students for dissertation help and other academic papers. That they have to compose during their study cycle. Not only students but the application is also used by professionals as well who have to compile business reports.

Main features of Quilbot 

Quilbot has many features that the writers can make use of however, the three main features are;

The Rephraser: The Quilbot tool rephrases the sentences in the content that would give more depth to the writing and generates relatable synonyms and rephrasing suggestions.

The Summarizer: This tool summarizes the written content with a few rephrasing that might be needed. Basically, it helps the writer take out the unnecessary content that is not fundamentally required to be in the content. And by doing so elaborates the meaning of the content that the writer wants to convey.

The Grammar Checker: This is the most important feature of the tool that checks the written content for all the unintentional grammatical blunders.

Limitation of Quilbot

However, one constraint that the tool has is that the free version of Quilbot has a character limit. Along with the paid version. As well having a character limit. This constraint makes QuillBot a not such good option for really long articles especially if they are of over 10,000 characters.

For the reason stated above, the tool might not be much famous with higher levels of studies. For example for the students looking for MBA dissertation help. They might need a different tool to do the same work for them.

There is absolutely nothing to worry about as there are a lot many alternatives of Quilbot available in the market which can do the same task as Quilbot does.

Alternatives of Quilbot

As mentioned above there are many alternatives of Quilbot available in the market, a few of them are mentioned below; (RigorousThemes, n.d.)

Conversion AI 

Conversion AI, or Jarvis, is one of the best alternatives to QuillBot for generating unique, content that seems natural and self-generated without any plagiarism. The writer can paste an article or any piece that they have written into the tool, and the tool will simply rewrite it for the writer, with excellent results.

Furthermore, Conversion AI goes beyond just paraphrasing. While QuillBot requires the writer to write an article. And only then they will be able to alter it. Whereas, Conversion AI also helps generate AI-based content from the very start. Which means it would help the writer to build new content, based on keywords or topics they have given to the tool.

Spinbot as Quilbot Alternatives

Spinbot is a much better alternative to QuillBot as for starters it is free. If the writer needs to write a larger article, they can use Spinbot instead of Quilbot. It allows the writer to rewrite up to 10,000 characters on the free plan without paying anything, which is a lot more than what

QuillBot lets its users do.

The users of Spinbot do not need to sign up for an account to use it. Whereas, when one cannot use QuillBot without signing up, on the other hand, the writer is limited to only 400 characters without paying.

Spinwriter as Alternatives

SpinRewriter is yet another paraphrasing tool that rewrites or as the name suggests spins the writer’s content and supports huge uploads and export, compared to QuillBot, which does not support uploading multiple papers of content or even bulk rewriting.

A writer can generate up to a thousand variations of their content and can upload instantly along with exporting all of them. In addition to that, it is integrated with Copyscape which means the variations that SpinRewriter generates would be assured of passing the plagiarism test as well.

Along with it, it is also having a grammar and spelling checker built into it, which guarantees that the work provided has no spelling or grammar mistakes before rewriting and submitting the content. The result is a commendably-spun piece with no mistakes. (Mofluid, n.d.)

Word AI

WordAi is also an article rewriter which along with rewriting also provides the facility of paraphrasing the content. This WordAI software has an exclusive AI technology that understands the writer’s content. And its context before it can paraphrase it and give it new meaning.

It is a relatively easy tool to use and supports scholars, bloggers, and SEO professionals. Who have to write content for their academics, business, or marketing. It also supports multiple types of formats, which makes it a suitable competitor to QuillBot.

The software also supports multiple languages, therefore. If English is not the writer’s first language, they can use their language from the tool itself. The writer can directly import content from article generators like Article Forge another feature of WordAI. This type of liberty is not offered or included in QuillBot.

Along with the language feature, WordAi works with Perfect Tense so it is easy for a writer to find grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

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