Best Follow Me Drones And Follow You Technology Reviewed

Thanks to Follow Me drone technology, the UAV program to follow you around, offering you numerous opportunities to capture unique aerial footage. Best Follow Me Drones And Follow You Technology Reviewed.

There are currently two types of drones using that follow Me technology. This article will look at the drone technology employed to create drones that track you.

Then, we look over the top 12 follow me drones in the market right this moment, along with some amazing videos in the process.

We look at drones that are following you, that follow you from DJI, Walkera, Yuneec, AirDog, Hover, and many more among them Skydio and Autel are both pretty brand new producers of drones that track you.

Follow me drones first came in 2016, and the innovation of following me has been going on ever since. In general, drones that have followed my GPS feature are also equipped with other intelligent flight systems (Orbit ActiveTrack and Points of Interest Circle, Waypoints Terrain Follow, etc.) offering you more filming and flying options.

A drone that follows you can bring many advantages, such as taking great photos of your loved ones as well as capturing your experiences in stunning areas.

Presently we are also witnessing mountaineers, cyclists and athletes utilize follow-me drones to capture footage from different angles with the goal to improve their technique.

Drones flying using Follow Me mode is also greatly enjoyable. Follow Me mode is incredible technology.


Follow Me GPS Drone Technology

We’re seeing two kinds of Follow Me technology in use. The first is the GSC that comes with Follow Me GPS transmitter technology and the most current version using recognition software like DJI ActiveTrack.

Drone That Follows You Using GPS Transmitter/ GSC

A lot of drones that follow me mode use GPS-equipped devices, such as tablets, mobile phones, or Ground Station Controller (GSC) as well as the transmitter (wearable transmitter or mobile phone). It is designed to track the transmitter and to ensure that the subject remains within the frame at all times.

Follow me technology provides an invisible tether between your drone and a mobile phone with a GPS that lets the drone track either you or another person in motion. Many Follow me UAVs can also be stationary and follow the subject’s movements by turning, or moving in tandem with the object.

These are three drones that GPS Transmitter devices that allow the drone to follow your movements;

  • Skydio 2 Follow Drone
  • Holy Stone HS700 Ophelia
  • Holy Stone HS270

The brand new Skydio 2 drone has a variety of options to fly. One way to fly is to carry the Skydio 2 beacon and the drone can track the beacon. The Skydio is very advanced and equipped with an intelligent vision system to follow you, and be able to stay clear of obstacles. More details on the incredible Skydio 2 track drone here.

Other drones, like those from Holy Stone HS700 Ophelia and the Holy Stone HS270 drones, also include a basic follow me function. They make use of their GSC to transmit. The drone is programmed to follow the transmitter via the remote controller and keep the subject in the frame throughout the entire time.

Drone That Follows You Using Recognition Technology

The most current drones that follow, which make use of vision sensors as well as recognition technology as well as software algorithms, are as follows;

  • Skydio 2
  • DJI Mavic Air / Air 2
  • DJI Mavic Pro
  • DJI Mavic 2 Pro
  • DJI Mavic 2 Zoom
  • DJI Phantom 4
  • Yuneec Typhoon H
  • Yuneec Breeze
  • Hover Follow You Drone
  • Walkera Scout X4
  • Walkera Vitus
  • Autel Evo

Recognition technology and sensors, as well as software algorithms, provide UAVs the capability to identify and follow the movements of a person or other object. This advanced tracking drone technology lets the UAV follow an object that is moving without the need for the use of an additional GPS tracker.

As you can see in the list above DJI is the top manufacturer of drones using follow-you technology.

Drone Follow Me Software

DJI uses its GO4 App. The earlier 3DR drones that are no longer made use of the SOLO App along with the Arducopter drone that is d-i-y use their Mission Planner software.

Other companies integrate the software to follow me to their Ground Station Controller (GSC) like Walkera. In just a few clicks, you can program the things you would like to track or follow.

The majority of Follow Me applications allow you to program the gimbal as well as a camera to use pre-set flight distances, heights, and angles, giving your videos extremely unique cinematic perspectives.

Follow Me Distance

Every UAV manufacturer has different ranges of technology to follow me. It is best to limit the distance at first as you become familiar with your drone. If there is too much distance permitted between GSC with the transmitter they might lose contact.

Flight Safety

It is important to note that the majority of Follow Me mode drones do not feature the ability to eliminate objects. Following Me mode is excellent in open areas or when there is enough space that there aren’t any interruptions on your GPS signal.

It is best to plan your travel route carefully and be aware of any obstacles the drone could hit. The drone can be programmed to hover in the direction of obstacles.

The majority of drones today allow the user to set a home point or return home function. It is always advisable setting your own home location.

Keep watch on your battery and watch for warnings. Don’t get caught up by following me that you’re running low on battery power.

Best Follow Me Drones

They are all simple to fly. In our guide on How to Fly quadcopters, We have some excellent videos that show how simple it can be to pilot the latest drones.

Latest Drone That Follows You

New Skydio 2 Follow You Drone

The most modern drone on the market that has Follow You technology is the Skydio 2 drone.

It also allows you to capture clear 12 MP HDR images.

The Skydio is a fantastic smart camera and shooting mode that include Dronie, Hover, Angle Track, Orbit, and Cable Cam.

The people who founded Skydio are the top graduate students at MIT. After graduating from MIT they worked on the development of Google’s drone delivery program known as Wing. 

This year, we will have their most cutting-edge drone Skydio 2. Skydio 2.

Skydio 2 Innovative Technology

It can fly for a period of 23 minutes. It is very light at 27.3 pounds (775 grams).

Skydio 2 Skydio 2 flies at a speed of 36 miles per hour (58 km/h). It’s the maximum ceiling at 15,000 feet. That’s impressive. It also has a transfer range that is 2.17 miles (3.5 km).

There are three methods of flying with the Skydio 2. The way to fly with the Skydio 2 is by using the Beacon or an app for your smart phone or using your Skydio Remote Control.


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