Benefits of using SuiteCRM Email to Lead in Business

If you know the well-known and remarkable plugins of SuiteCRM and still not using it means killing your business productivity with your own hand. Are you in need to adapt vigorous extensions and want to remove primitive plugins from your business forever? Introducing a superlative plugin to enrich your work experience called SuiteCRM Email to lead. 

Email to Lead sounds like getting emails from many and converting them into crucial leads. You are almost there to get a complete picture of what the actual add-on is. Every minute you get several emails from your clients and the emails are filled up with information such as their phone number detail, address, regarding their data, etc. So, how does this plugin play a vital role here? 

About The Email to Lead Addon

When you install the Email to Anything extension in your SuiteCRM then your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) will parse the information of the email and then it will set the text format in the field. Is this a great way to understand the client? You will adequately get the information now or you can say it in a professional way. One more thing, like if your Sales preferred their email address personally, so they will get their client’s email on that email address. 

This awesome add-on keeps your professional concept of working with clients alive. You can say that if you want to hone your goal of generating leads via email then congratulations you landed in the right place. Outright Store introduced this exceptional extension which has some bundles of advantages. How it can help you more? 

Creating records here is possible via the automation process. Users can create the records via inbound email. This is really important! Surprisingly, the records can be created in any target module. For the security purpose, you will always receive a notification on your Email ID preference. A better way to know about everything via beylikdüzü escort notification.


The fact is 59% of the respondents said that email marketing influences their purchasing decision. Are you trying? This holistic strategy enhances your sales business and upsurges your sales pipeline. Like there are quite a few tools of email marketing that offer automation sales drip campaigns. Even sending messages via automation is possible for everybody. 

The top-most and never-dying benefit of Email to Lead is mapping. Yes, mapping of fields is a wonderful function of our plugin. Every field can be selected without any hassle. Your CRM software can capture the email description when you install SuiteCRM Email to Anything for us. 

Which extension do you need for it? 

Daily, you get bundles of emails from different-different audiences and if you want the information on the email to be presented in a professional way then try the addon. We have a plugin for your SuiteCRM called Email to lead which is available in every SuiteCRM version. When you install this add-on, the text of emails gets formatted in the fields. You can see every piece of information in a proper way to understand the audience. 

Here mapping of fields is possible and creating records in any module can be beneficial for you. When using the SuiteCRM Email to Lead extension, you will always receive a notification of whatever activity you perform. This advanced plugin may cost you $699.00, but you can try this splendid plugin by getting 10% off. Hurry up with this awesome offer! 

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