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Benefits of Learning to Play Acoustic Guitar

1. Spend less on your first tool

When you’re learning to play acoustic guitar, you’ll usually spend less on your first instrument than if you’re starting out with an electric guitar. That’s because you don’t need an amplifier, instrument cable and other accessories.

There are some great beginner acoustic guitars under $200, and that’s the budget I recommend starting with. This generally gives you a better sounding instrument than if you spent the same amount on an electric guitar and amp. Or you can take the $100 or more you spent on an amp and get a mid-range acoustic guitar when you’re starting out.

This means you won’t have to upgrade for a long time. Look, if I knew everyone was going to stick with this, I’d say spend as much as you can on your first guitar and get a professional level instrument. However, I know price is always an issue, especially since most newbies aren’t 100% sure they’ll stick with it. Choosing an acoustic guitar as your first instrument can help reduce these costs.

2. Acoustic Guitars Are More Portable

You can pack up your acoustic guitar and take it anywhere. With an electric guitar setup, you again have the damn amp to worry about, not to mention the cables to connect everything. This may not seem like a big deal, but it can be a problem for a newbie who has so many confusing things to worry about.

Whether you’re taking your guitar to class or out on the town, playing an acoustic instrument will make your life easier. If you play electric guitar, you should hope that your guitar instructor has an amp for you to plug into, but maybe not. When I first started playing, I had to take lessons and bring my guitar and amp to practice every time. It hurts a lot!

If you choose acoustic, you can practice anywhere, allowing you to develop new guitar skills.You don’t need to be concerned about being close to an outlet. If you want to take your guitar to the backyard or the woods for inspiration, where no one but the birds and squirrels can hear your mistakes, you can.

3. Acoustic Instruments Are Simpler

There’s a lot to think about with an electric guitar. You have your guitar with all the electronics and knobs and switches and maybe a complicated bridge. You have your amp with its own set of intricate knobs and doodles. You have to connect everything and you have to be close to the power source.

With an acoustic guitar, everything is easy: Take it out of the case, tune it and start playing. Why is your life harder than when you started? You have enough to worry about just learning to play without figuring out why your bridge isn’t sitting right or your amp isn’t working.

Even acoustic-electric guitars can be played unplugged like a regular acoustic guitar until you’re comfortable using an amp in your setup. Acoustic-electric instruments are similar to acoustic guitars with a built-in pickup and preamplifier to amplify the sound. If you choose an acoustic-electric amp as your first instrument, you don’t need an amp, but you can add an acoustic guitar amp later if you find yourself in a situation where you want to perform for a crowd or join a band.

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