Bandhgala in Indian Wear

Wedding Bandhgala Indian Wear For Men

Bandhgala or Jodhpuri Suit are royal attire and give a classy look at the same time. If you choose Bandhgalas or jodhpuri suits people will check you out at the event, nobody remains unnoticed. It gives bold vibes. In men’s, clothing bandhgalas are the new trendsetter and are quite popular at the wedding. You look majestic.

Bandhgala suits are for everyone, not a specific age and it goes to every event or its wedding.

The bandhgala or Jodhpuri suit is formal Indian wear for men that fusion the ethnic style of clothing with a hint of western cuts. A Bandhgala suit has a pair of trousers with a fully buttoned high collared, coat.

The bandhgala suit originated in the Jodhpur of Rajasthan during the mid of 19th century.

The bandhgala suit is a mix of two types of clothing. First, it resembles with which the British or Scottish people. On the other side, these tailors in 19 century used to make classical and royal outfits for kings and princes like Angrakha kurta and Achkan jackets. Once they mix both the styles and made fusion, which gave a rise to semi-formal to formal clothing.

  • A bandhgala suit in royal palaces is formal wear. Nowadays, the designer has styled it more and it had become popular as an outfit during weddings and related functions like engagement or reception parties.
  • Especially People who belong to Rajgharanas, Rajputs, or some royal family still prefer to wear bandhgalas and jodhpuri suits.
  • Owing to its royal and majestic nature, traditional bandhgala suits come in single tones like greys, cream, beige, and off-white. Or people like them in deep dark shades like black or navy or royal green and some like in all white. Bandhgalas are rare and are fused in two tones.
  • Carrying a waistcoat on a bandhgala is a new trend, quite popular among those who wore on weddings. The waistcoats come with traditional embroidery which balances out the tone for the outfit and other respective accessories.
  • Bandhgalas suits have a quite rich fabric, Maximum people prefer silk bandhgalas because it gives a more royal touch.
  • Suits may have slightly embellished collars or some details near the button area, they make them look luxurious.
  • The Jodhpuri suit is a suited with vintage and elegant brooch and adding a chronograph watch with a classic pocket square vibing with the outfit and carry branded dark shades which make your look extremely sophisticated. And always make sure to pair them with formal footwear like derby, oxfords, brogues, or polished leather shoes.
  •  Traditional formal wear is making its place in fashion with a taste of fusion. These include classy buttons at the side of bandhgala instead of middle buttons and have cuff buttons and accessories with one side pocket and scarves which added to a more royal look and paired it up with matching shoes and belt.

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