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1. Visualization (website builder)

On Saturday mornings, seven-year-olds enjoy watching animated cartoons. Most adults, including businesspeople and professionals, do not. Sites with flashy ‘Intro’ animations, animated gifs on every page, or blinking or flying words are extremely irritating. They detract from the content and impede visitors from reaching their objectives. If your site isn’t about entertainment, avoid using a lot of motion. If your product or service can be better displayed utilizing Flash, Quick Time, or other multimedia, which is frequent, include a link for your visitors to view it. But don’t put any pressure on them. (website builder)

2. Excessive scrolling (website builder)

My eyes begin to blur, I feel little disoriented, my mind swirls, and my interest wanes after scrolling down a full screen’s worth of content. Reading on a computer monitor isn’t the ideal option. Because the Internet and many websites are so large, it’s critical to offer your visitors with a clear frame of reference at all times when they’re on your site. Split a page into numerous pages if it requires two or more full screens of scrolling.

3. Unbroken paragraphs of long, text-heavy, and blocky text (website builder)

To trudge through large amounts of unbroken text online, I really have to be interested in the subject or badly need the information. If I have to go through this kind of suffering merely to look for a product or service, you’ve lost me. Again, reading text on the Web is more difficult than reading text in other media such as books. Furthermore, because Web users are famously impatient, make your information simple to read and non-threatening. Make use of headings, subheadings, short paragraphs, bullets, and numbers.

4. There are no visible means to get in touch with the company.

Your validity may be questioned if all you provide on your website is an email address. Why aren’t you picking up the phone? What’s the point of hiding behind a cold and anonymous email address? Make it simple for your current and prospective consumers to communicate with you.

5. Static or out-of-date content

If I begin reading content on a website and quickly realize that it was published three years ago, I will go. Because there is so much information available, I reasoned that there must be comparable information available online that is more recent. Your site will attract return visitors if you maintain your material fresh.
Repeat visits are also more likely to become consumers.

6. Downloads of long pages

It’s incredible that this is still an issue. I start sweating, picking my teeth, tapping my toes, rolling my eyes, and eventually want to throw my computer through my office window when I click on a site and have to wait for it to appear in my browser. I’m obviously impatient, but I’m also aware that there are other sites with the same material that will download faster, so why wait? I’m leaving.

7. Instead of “You, You, You,” say “Me, Me, Me!”

In general, no one cares about you, your business, or your ideas. They’re more interested in what you can do for them. So sites that offer photographs of the corporate building or boast about their deep philosophy on how business should be done aren’t likely to keep site users’ attention. Sites that communicate directly to potential consumers about how to solve issues, make their lives easier, safer, richer, or more comfortable, on the other hand, have a lot better chance of holding visitors’ attention.

8. Buttons or links that aren’t self-explanatory

Here are a few buttons that make me feel bewildered and perplexed: A wedding site with a ‘Blanks’ button, a sailing site with a ‘The Lighthouse’ button, a book site with a ‘The Inside Story’ button, or a Web design site with a ‘Tea Time’ button. They sound like categories from Jeopardy! Imagine trying to navigate a freeway with signs that read ‘Over Here,’ ‘Moon Beams,’ and ‘Lollypops.’ Good luck figuring out how to get around. The same is true when it comes to navigating websites. The names of buttons and links must indicate to the visitor where the link leads. Make it as simple as possible for visitors to understand where they’re going before clicking. There are situations, however, when giving a link an ambiguous name can spark a user’s interest and encourage them to click on it. Keep your links and buttons as descriptive as possible as a general rule.

9. Navigation that isn’t constant

Imagine being seated at a restaurant when the waiter approaches you and brings you five menus: one for appetizers, one for soups and salads, one for meals, one for desserts, and one for drinks. Annoying. Consider how different each menu’s format, layout, and manner for listing the products would be. Brutal. I don’t want to put in the effort to choose my dinner; I’m hungry and all I want is a meal. Expecting your users to re-learn your navigation system each time they visit a new section of your site will make them work harder. They, too, are starving for good knowledge, and they’re growing impatient.

10. Unpredictable appearance and feel

When the design and feel of a website completely changes from one page to the next, I get the impression that I’m visiting another site, a different company, a partner, or a subsidiary. I’m completely perplexed. This screams poor planning and is frequently the result of adding extra portions after the main site has been developed. This may result in design drift. It could be tempting to deviate from the original design; after all, you might have a better one now. But don’t introduce a fresh look and feel until you’ve completed a comprehensive next-generation re-design of the entire site. Otherwise, a large number of visitors will be scratching their heads with one hand while clicking away with the other.

11. Pop-up windows

I can’t believe we’re still discussing popups, but they seem to be making a comeback lately. Popups can be found on a lot of websites (or lightboxes where the rest of the screen goes dark except for the popup). Making a person click more than they need to in order to get what they want is usually not a good idea, and many of your visitors will become frustrated as a result.

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