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Article Marketing – Does it Still Work?

Article Marketing

Article marketing used to be one of the best ways to get back-links and traffic to your website. You could easily write one article, submit it to multiple directories, and reap all the benefits. Best Digital Marketing Agency In Mohali there was even a good chance that websites like Ezine Articles would have you in the top Google position for certain keywords. Those were the days!

However, in recent years, article directories want unique content and they rarely rank high in Google. These websites do not get the type of targeted traffic they used to and marketers have paid the price. If you remember the first Google update, then you probably remember losing their rankings and much of their traffic overnight. So is it really worth your time to submit articles to directories? In my honest opinion, it is worth it, but only for the back-links. In order to prove my point, I am going to complete a case study.

Before I get started, understand that I do not consider Squidoo or Hubpages article directories. They operate much differently and prefer unique and quality content. Plus, they will not always publish certain articles that link to certain pages.

Does Article Marketing Work for Traffic?

In short, the time needed to properly perform article marketing makes it not worth the traffic benefits you might receive. You can probably receive several unique and targeted visitors if you write a lot of articles and submit them to different directories. However, your real benefit will be the back-links you get. Best Digital Marketing Agency In Mohali i have found that most article directories do not get the targeted traffic they used to because of Google’s search algorithm. For that reason, they do not really have the same amount of traffic to refer to you.

If you really want to write for traffic, try guest blogging. This can be a little more difficult and most blogs want high quality articles from their guest bloggers. In the long run though, guest blogging should provide you with a wider range of benefits as opposed to article marketing. Typically you can get several do follow backlinks per guest blog post along with some extra traffic. Plus, Google likes when people have natural one-way links from related blogs, and guest blogging is the best way to do that.

Article Marketing Case Study

I have decided that I am going to do an article marketing case study. My goal is to target a certain keyword and write a strong blog post on my website that is SEO optimized. After that, I will submit unique articles to 10 different article directories and view my results. If my SERP’s for that blog post are not going up, then I will try a few more and link them together. If this does not work, then you will know firsthand.

Some quick info

I am targeting 2 different yet related keywords. Best Digital Marketing Agency In Mohali they are both around 1,000 searches per month and range from medium to high competition. I should be able to realistically get up to at least the 4th or 5th page after doing this article marketing. If I am not in the top 100 for either keyword, then clearly article marketing is a waste of your time.

Article Directories I am Submitting To

1. Ezine Articles
2. Go Articles
3. Article City
4. Articles Base
5. Amazines
6. Street Articles
7. Gather
8. iSnare
9. Triond
10. Article Rich

Each of these has a pretty high Alexa rank and a good pagerank. Best Digital Marketing Agency In Mohali they also all offer 2 dofollow backlinks per article. What I plan on doing is writing 10 unique articles of 400-500 words and submit 1 to each. I will then link to the same 2 pages on each article using similar anchor text.

Does Article Marketing Work

I am still in the process of completing this case study. Come back around April 15 and I will be finished and I will have all the results posted. I also want to give a week or two so I can see the complete effects of the article marketing.

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