Aries Birthstone: Price Controlling Factors

All mineral birthstones have amazing beauty and luster. Along with these factors, they also possess potential traits that divert the attention of the individuals. All the characteristics of birthstones are observational but people of various cultures have a strong belief in the characteristics of the stones. No one in the world can deny the beauty of the gemstones and Aries Birthstone is at the pinnacle.

What is Aries Birthstone?

Aries Birthstone is a diamond. It is a precious gemstone with high-level sparkling ability. Further, it is the hardest stone in the world. If we peep into the zodiac signs, it is at first place with symbol RAM and element Fire. Being the first sign in the zodiac classification Aries wants to be first at every place.

No doubt Aries Birthstone personalities have extraordinary brain energy that makes them powerful personalities having tremendous courage to handle uneven situations. They are fearless individuals and prove themselves leaders by creating a harmonic environment among the people that are working under their command.

4 C’s of Aries Birthstone

Four factors are controlling the price of diamonds in the market. They all start from the letter “C”. Therefore, these are known as the 4 C’s of a diamond.

First C of the Diamond

The first characteristic of Aries Birthstone is Carat. This feature is concerned with the weight of the diamond. The price of the stone varies at each point of the weight. According to a defined standard, one carat is equal to 100 points. Further, 0.99 carat has a lesser price than one carat that is equivalent to 0.2 grams.

Always consider the weight and size of the Aries Birthstone as a two different traits. According to our professional recommendation, the ideal size of the diamond is 6.5 millimeters weighing one carat.

Second C of the Diamond

A laywoman that is fond of diamonds will select it on its color and sheen. The price of the Aries Birthstone also depends on its color. A clear and mineral diamond having white color is precious whereas a yellowish diamond has a lesser value.

Aries Birthstone Color graded alphabetically with the initial alphabet D and terminal one is Z. Different ranges are defined for diverse colors. The white diamond has a range D to F. It is the most popular color in the international diamond market. Aries gemstones with grades lower than F also produces sheen but with stronger colors with lesser price as a compared to white diamond.

Third C of the Diamond

Diamonds are of two synthetic types and minerals. Synthetic Aries Birthstones are produced in the labs whereas mineral birthstones are formed under high temperatures and conditions. At these thermal conditions, mineral stones exist in the molten state allowing the impurities to penetrate in them.

Impurities find their place inside and on the surface of the diamond. The first one is known as inclusion and the second one has name blemishes.

Clarity of the Aries Birthstone defines the number of impurities present in the diamond. According to a defined standard by GIA, there are 11 points of clarity for diamond.

Fourth C of Diamond

The cut is an important characteristic of the diamond. It determines the path of the light. All-optical phenomenon happen due to the professional application of cut on the surface of a diamond. Deep, shallow, and ideal are the different types of cut.


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