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App Reskinning – A Brief Overview (2022)

When I use the term “reskin,” it means replacing the “skin” of your mobile app or creating a new interface for it. App reskinning is like a mini-update in the world of Dallas mobile app development – don’t miss the opportunity and learn about it. 

The idea behind reskinned apps is the codebase remains the same or is modified slightly. And then it’s adjusted with a new design for a fresh look. Reskinning is very popular with mobile game apps; however, other apps can use the method too.

If you visit the Google or iOS app store on your smartphone, you’ll find many similar apps with the same idea but different looks and appeal. That’s reskinning in a nutshell. 

Top healthcare app developers and other programmers at stake keep app reskinning as one of their top priorities. The goal is to keep innovative processes and create an entertaining experience for customers. Keep reading as we discuss more about app reskinning – it’s an entire process. 

We will start with the type of apps, talk about the benefits, and eventually move towards the cost side. You might have a few more questions, don’t worry, we have discussed them – along with the exact steps you need to take. Here you go: 

What Do Reskinned Apps Look Like?

There are numerous examples of reskinned apps on the app stores. Here are some famous:

The Flappy Series

If you’ve played the original Flappy Bird, where a small bird is flown through obstacles, then you’re well aware of the game.

The original game has been reskinned quite a few times. Each reskinned app has different characters and colors, but the idea remains the same. You can find these reskinned apps as:

Flappy Nyan, Flappy Dodge, Blue Flying Bird, Flappy Golf, and Flappy 3D.

The King’s Saga Rush

King is a famous game development company who is the proud owner of Candy Crush Saga. The game made a major breakthrough in the mobile gaming community and gained a lot of attention.

Of course, the source code of the famous game has been reskinned to develop more apps. Some of the reskinned apps are:

Soda Saga, Pet Rescue Saga, Bubble Witch 3 Saga, and Farm Heroes Saga.

What Are The Benefits Of Reskinning An App?

There are three major benefits or reasons to consider reskinning a mobile app.

  • It saves money – Like I said, buying a source code is cheaper than developing your own. Hired developers usually charge by the hour for code development which is expensive. Another reason to choose reskinning is to avoid the development cost of a mobile app from scratch.
  • It saves time – Since there is no need to develop a codebase, that automatically means you’re saving time during the development phase. If you have an idea and a mockup design, then you get started right away.
  • It saves labor costs – Reskinned apps are just old mobile apps with a fresh, new spin, and for that, you don’t really need coding experience. If you decide to reskin the app yourself, you’ll be saving on labor costs; all you need to know is how to map the new skin for your reskinned apps.

Can You Make Money Reskinning Apps?

Of course! The main reason behind developed reskinned apps is to increase your profit margins. A famous example is John Hayward-Mayhew, the founder of the popular casino mobile app company Toochill.

Mayhew is famous for his smart thinking and quick wit. The young entrepreneur has almost 600 iOS apps in only four years with 25 million downloads.

Most of his apps are reskinned because the entrepreneur focused on developing multiple reskinned apps instead of developing a unique app every time.

Now, the young entrepreneur earns in millions and enjoys profits from his wide range of reskinned apps.

How Do I Start The Reskinning Apps Business Today?

The business of reskinned apps starts from an app idea.

Going back to Mayhew’s example, the entrepreneur successfully launched his first mobile app, and when he saw the success, he started reskinning apps. He became good at the entire process, which is why he owns so many mobile apps.

If you think you have a promising app idea, then study your competitors, get the source code, and start the business today.

Are Reskinning Apps Legal?

Yes, reskinned apps are legal, and you can make sure it is if you buy the source code from a reliable source. Once you buy the source code, make sure you also purchase the copyright license (for limited or unlimited license) to avoid copyright infringement.

All-in-all, you are highly unlikely to get in trouble and Dallas mobile app development company-based policies are pretty accommodating. Don’t worry. Just make sure you have checked all sorts of regulatory laws and policies in the state you reskin the app from.  

Reskinning Your Mobile App In 7 Steps

Obviously – we cannot go through a detailed guide right now and the healthcare app developers you partner with will have a better understanding of how things work. But still – it is better to have an edge and know the basics. So, here’s are a few highlights – learn how to reskin your mobile app in just 7 steps: 

Step 1. Figure out how development tools work

Step 2 . Get the source code and extract it 

Step 3. Search latest trends and implement them in your app 

Step 4. Start with the reskinning process

Step 5. Get on board as a developer and make an account 

Step 6. Get your network in the game and connect with advertising companies 

Step 7. Initiate the marketing process and put your app out there for the world to see 

Lastly – we will suggest you to not get overwhelmed by these steps – it sounds like a long process but once you break it down and collaborate with a Dallas mobile app development company, it will be much easier. Your job is to find the right people to “do the work” – and have an overview of it. 

In Conclusion

Reskinning apps for a specific purpose is what purpose-build companies are doing. Be a part of the change and bring forward better solutions. Healthcare app developers and the rest are considering reskinned apps as their default choice. 

Figure out where your business aligns in the bigger picture and do an internal audit of your app. Does it need an update? Is it user-friendly? Have the reviews been nice? Reflect on all these questions – you will find the right answer. 

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