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African Mofongo Recipe | Try At Home

African dishes amount to the richness in flavors, ingredients, and diversity.

When you hear about African Mofongo recipe, it is not wholly African. The roots take you back to Africa but the identity of the dish lies in Puerto Rico. In essence, the necessity is to replicate this diverse dish in your kitchen. For this, we bring all the necessary information regarding ingredients, cooking style, and what African Mofongo can mean for your meal.

The Puerto Rican-African Mofongo Recipe

A dish that comes from two different states allows for more diversity that you can alter. However, to keep things simpler, you must opt for standard ingredients. This African Mofongo recipe  is a mixture of plantains, either roasted or cooked to perfection, alongside a meat option. People can opt for chicken, fish, or pork whereas the latter is famous for the dish. In essence, a chicken broth or of the same meat you choose can fit perfectly. It allows for a perfect combination of sourness, sweetness, and gentle aroma. While the dish may seem unique through different cooks, we can offer a simpler of ours to you.

Ingredients for the African Mofongo Recipe

Mofongo is simple, quick to cook, and simple to the plate. In essence, the simplicity of the ingredients makes it accessible for all to enjoy. And here are the magic components that you need to look for in the kitchen and stores.

· Plantains

The primary ingredient for Mofongo is the plantains. It is since the necessity is to include it as a roasted or cooked option. They are served mashed and often rounded in perfect greenish color.

· Shrimp

This is the meat option that we love to undertake. It comes from the seafood and appears lighter on the stomach. However, people nowadays also introduce lobster as an alternative.

· Spices and Herbs

Mofongo and every other African dish have to include a mixture of spices. In this dish, you can opt for cumin, paprika, and cilantro. This mixture brings the dish to life with the necessary spices and flavors.

· Garlic

People do not love extreme spices these days. And you can keep their interests alive by including garlic as an essential element.

Making African Mofongo

With ingredients in the bag, you need to start preparing the kitchen slab for cooking Mofongo. But try to utilize our cooking guide for a perfect dish and meal.

  1. Season your shrimp perfectly. For this, heat a tablespoon of oil, and then introduce your shrimp for perfect cooking.
  2. Add another tablespoon of oil and introduce your vegetables to undertake the seasoning likewise.
  3. Use chicken broth and pepper to boil before letting them simmer for around 7 minutes.
  4. To cook the shrimp, toss it in the mixture and let it cook for a maximum of 3 minutes. Remove it and keep it aside.
  5. Slice your plantains perfectly in equal lengths. Soak them in salted water and heat the oil at medium temperature. Place your plantains in this water and fry them until brown.
  6. Remove the water by draining it. Use garlic oil and shrimp sauce to keep everything perfect and saucy on your plate.
  7. Finally, use shrimps and plate your dish with the necessary additives.
  8. And serve!

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