Adopt these Amazing gift ideas to transform your Custom Pillow Boxes

Custom Pillow Boxes

The art of pillow shapes way back years ago. In the Egyptian era, the pillow shape was invented and it was considered part of comfort. As time passed the innovation in the packaging has transformed the old box shapes into new ones. And the pillow box shape is the most famous one. Custom pillow boxes utilization has various benefits as compared to the simple structure box.

The following are some of the amazing gift ideas which you can adopt on your pillow boxes:

The Reindeer Pillow Box

The reindeer is the symbol of the winter season. These kinds of gift boxes will look beautiful during the Christmas season. So, how to design the reindeer pillow box? You can choose a cardstock material as it accepts the printing process perfectly. Completely modify the box by choosing the brown color as the base of the box and adding the 3-dimensional Reindeer ears on top of the box. Thus, this is the best idea to change the outlook of the gift pillow boxes.

This kind of box will be the best solution for gifting the small accessories in the enticing pillow boxes such as you can encase the chocolates, candies, etc.

Before designing the Reindeer, pillow box designs you can draw a nice template. The template can give you a great idea that how the box will look after achieving the entire idea. Add the entire animation of the reindeer to the box.

For this purpose, hire a good firm. There are various firms out there working to provide you with awesome boxes. You can initially design the outer packaging of the box by utilizing any software and sending it to a good packaging company. As a result, they can design the box and send it to you.

Valentine Gift Boxes

The Valentine pillow packaging is a fabulous idea to draw the maximum attention of the onlookers toward your brand.

You can nicely impress your loved ones by presenting their gifts within the pillow box packaging.

For designing the valentine pillow boxes, you can choose a theme which can be the combination of “eco-friendly design” for it choose the base of the pillow box with the kraft material.

Then design the pillow box sleeve wraps by enticing graphic designing. Such as you can modify the sleeve wraps with pink or red flowers, hearts, etc. Further, add the colorful strings on the pillow boxes which is the perfect combination for the pillow gift packaging. 

Disney Pillow Boxes

You can also design Disney-style pillow boxes. Children love to have pillow boxes that carry colorful outlooks and can have maximum attention of onlookers. For instance, you can add the mickey mouse in the black caricature on the red cardstock box. This idea is quite cool and attractive to impress the Children.

Easter pillow boxes

The pillow box packaging on the Easter occasion will look outstanding. You can add the nice text font on the front side of the box wishing the Easter occasion. Moreover, go for adding the perforation in the eggs and cookies illustration on the front side of the box. Hence, this will be a great idea to catch the entire attention of the onlookers.

You can gift anything within this box such as a keychain, phone, card, tablet, etc. You can also add embossing and debossing on the front side of the box. Further, add a nice string to tie the box and add a tag card on which the gift sender and receiver can specify their names.

So, all the above discussed are wonderful ideas that you can adopt to have awesome custom pillow boxes for gifting purposes.

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