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Do you require Migration Translators from a NAATI-accredited translator? So, translation related to immigration, education, work, and family affairs goes no farther than our Migration Translators services. Most government agencies, including the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, accept our translations. Even the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Australian Passport Office, and most road and traffic authorities accept the translations we offer.  

What Our MigrationTranslators Can Do For You

  • Apply for a marriage certificate, passport, citizenship, or divorce.
  • Participate in a court or tribunal proceeding.
  • Submit documents to a government agency.
  • Visit the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to obtain an Apostille (DFAT).
  • More than 3,000 official uses are permitted worldwide.

Migration Translation of Personal Documents: Examples

  • Translation of a birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate translation
  • Death certificate Translation 
  • Translation for a police check
  • Driver’s license Translation 
  • Translation of Divorce Certificate
  • Academic record translation and degree translation
  • Translation of contracts and references for employment
  • Medical records and certificates Translation

NAATI Migration Translators with Expertise

We handle your documents with care and accuracy since we have a wealth of expertise. We manage translations for immigration matters like work, business, visiting, and permanent residency visas. It includes other legal actions, including passports, citizenship, and divorce applications. A NAATI translator with expertise in translating for all Australian visa categories certifies all translations. Our translator panel includes speakers of over 130 different languages. So you can contact our migration translators services today for a free quote. Your specific translation needs will be handled professionally, accurately, and quickly.

Percentage of Acceptance: 100%

Our translations, which were prepared by NAATI translators in more than 150 languages, have received approval from numerous government bodies in Australia and internationally.

  • Border Protection and Immigration Department (for visa applications)
  • Foreign Affairs and Trade Department (for obtaining apostilles)
  • Office of Australian Passports (for getting a new passport)
  • Road and Traffic Authorities (RTAs) of each state
  • Marriages, Deaths, and Births 
  • Family Law for divorce proceedings and many more.

Quality and Precise NAATI Translations

Our services for Migration Translators come with a guarantee of accuracy and precision. Every translation is produced by NAATI translators, who then have a quality controller review it for correctness before seeing the finished output. Our NAATI translators are responsible for their work and adhere to the AUSIT Code of Ethics. Get in touch with us for a free quotation on our accurate and certified document translation services.

Why Use Our Migration Translators Services?

The Australian Government requests an English translation of documents for immigration service. That includes international documents and formal qualifications translated by a licensed NAATI translator. As you apply for a VISA and citizenship in Australia, Sydney NSW, Australian government agencies have approved translation services for immigration documents. Your visa documents must be translated.

Verified Translations

The accuracy and precision are somewhat similar; there are some differences. Translation accuracy is crucial to maintain the letter’s credibility, mainly if it covers uncommon topics. There should be no crossing of that line. Our migration translators adhere to all criteria.

Translation Consistency

Consistency in translation work is one of the key benefits of working with a professional translation agency for immigration. You will never imagine that there are still translators providing subpar translations nowadays. A trustworthy translation vendor wouldn’t consider giving up on you. Though the NAATI-certified translator who handles your account is unavailable, your brand’s assets are still with the organization, preserving the discussion.

Successful Accomplishment of Deadlines

The prompt release of translated materials is essential in the market. There can be instances when you need to have something translated for a specific situation. Our skilled migration translators are experts and aware of the situation’s urgency.

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