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A Guide To Cleaning Duvet and Bed Linen

Your duvet is the essential piece of bed linen you have, and you must take care of it right. With this article, you can learn some simple techniques to ensure your duvet lasts as long as possible!

What to Expect from Your Duvet

You will notice is that the duvet will be much heavier than you initially thought. The fabric of the duvet is made up of a few different layers that create a pocket or pocket size for every single particle of dust, hair, and dirt. You will also see that there is a lot of lint between the thin layers that make up the duvet.

Types of Duvet

Duvet covers are designed to be beautiful, soft, and comfortable. It should wash with caution as the wrong type of cleaning can ruin the material’s delicate pattern. Duvet sizes are available in various styles, including cotton, silk, wool, and more.

How Often Should You Press Duvet?

Duvet is usually pressed when it’s new and before it sells. The pressing process removes any lint, dirt, or dust that may have collected on the duvet after the manufacturer finished converting it into a blanket. However, most people find it too challenging to wash and dry their duvet in time for a sale because of this process, so they opt for a separate washing machine.

How to Care for Duvet and Linen

If you considered that your bedding comprises two components—Duvet and Linen, both of which need to be cared for in a slightly different manner. The most important thing is not to use harsh chemicals to clean your linens that could harm their texture or damage them in any way. Instead, a good washing machine with cold water will do an excellent job cleaning it.

The Best Way to Clean Duvet and Linen to Get the Best Results

Duvet and bed linen can be difficult to keep clean. Many people will use a dryer sheet, but it may not be enough on its own. Some bedding may even have stains that require more serious effort to remove. Two steps should be followed when cleaning duvet or linen with which you’ll see the most success. First, dampen the duvet in the washing machine and then cold rinse the inside of the device to release any soap trapped inside before washing. Next, use warm water to wash non-damp items along with an oxygen bleach like borax or sodium percarbonate at medium-high heat setting using a spray bottle to wet the area before scrubbing with towels as needed.

Additional Tips for Keeping Your Duvet

You can do for your duvet is removing all the dust from the cover and wash it every few months. It will help to keep your duvet looking new, as well as keep allergens out of your home. Additionally, you should vacuum the fabric and dry it in a dryer on low heat for 10 minutes.


In this guide, I’ve given you tips and tricks that will help you clean your duvet and other bed linen without worrying about them affecting the color or quality of your linen. Looking for professional dry cleaning near me in London? Connect to BestatLaundry – an expert dry cleaner near me with same day pickup and delivery service.

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