9 Google Ranking Factors You Shouldn’t Ignore

Regardless of the website type or the language on which it is based, you must pay appropriate attention to Google ranking factors to have more visibility and outreach. Google is the top search engine, and it is used by almost 90% of websites loaded on WWW. This is why you should optimize your website according to the crawling algorithm of Google to drive the desired traffic and gain more revenue. 

For this, you must consider the most popular Google ranking factors for optimizing the website based on them. This section will introduce you to the topmost ranking attributes you shouldn’t ignore at any cost. 


There are many different types of linking you can include on your website. Out of these, backlink contributes to most of the Google rank the site will get. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to every link you gain against the website. Each such link needs to be relevant to your business or the purpose of your site. 

The crawler algorithm won’t consider any irrelevant backlink that doesn’t match your content goals. Therefore, you should optimize your website content and the UI so that the number of backlinks can easily increase without much effort. The more sites refer to your website in their content, the better your Google rank will be.


If your website doesn’t incorporate any user-friendly features, it won’t be possible for the users to support your business and stay much longer. In addition, with declining traffic, Google’s ranking algorithm will not mark your website in the top results. This can have a negative impact on your revenues, traffic, visibility, and several other sub-factors.

So, you must pay close attention to the user-friendliness of the website and incorporate features like: 

  1. Better click-through rate
  2. Lesser bounce rate 
  3. Reduced website downtime on the server
  4. Enhanced load performance

Page speed

Page speed is considered one of the most crucial factors that need to be considered to get a higher rank in the SERPs. Unfortunately, there are lots of misconceptions about this particular ranking attribute because people think a fast-loading website will easily earn the best ranks. However, that’s not the truth because Google recently declared the optimal speed of a webpage needs to be 1.3 seconds. Therefore, you need to optimize the site accordingly. Any speed lesser or more than this rate will lead to a sharp decline in traffic and lesser rank. 

The best ways to improve the page speed are: 

  1. The host server needs to have separate protocols for performance optimization.
  2. The images must be compressed to fit on the website without consuming too much memory.
  3. Do not include too many redirects within the website, as that can hamper the overall page speed.
  4. Another way to increase the website speed is by enabling website cache.

Content depth

Content plays a crucial role in determining whether your website will be ranked higher or not. For example, suppose you put brief content on the website with generic meaning and almost non-existent details. In that case, you cannot expect to gain a higher rank because users won’t find the information useful. Therefore, when the crawler algorithm checks the content, it won’t find it relevant to the business or the purpose. 

Hence, the SERP will also decrease. This is why you must add more depth to the content. Add valuable information in detail to the possible limit. Do not choose lengthy writing. Instead, wrap all basic information pieces concisely and crisply that can incite curiosity in the visitors and increase the dwell time. 

Domain authority

Most people often ignore the concept of domain authority and gain a lesser rank in SERPs. It means your website’s standing in the market is based on the context of the relevance of the content and overall website design. Any DA higher than 80 means the website contains valuable information for the users and offers the same services they are looking for. The higher the domain authority, the more will be the ranking.

Content accuracy 

Content accuracy is another vital Google ranking factor that shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. What will happen if the user visits your website and finds the content completely irrelevant or has wrong information about some data or real-life facts? It will lead to mistrust and a lack of reliability from the user’s perspective. This is why you should check if the content you are putting on the website is accurate or not. 

If you have included data and other facts, you must upgrade them as soon as the source links are updated. However, updating the older values and information will make your website content obsolete. This can spur distrust amongst the users, and they will soon stop visiting your website. As a result, the SERPs will worsen. Therefore, do consider content accuracy before you post anything. 

Page security

People often think websites dealing with user information, transaction records, or any other valuable dataset need to be secured enough. But that’s not the truth because if your website is not secured, anyone can use it as a medium to attack the computers or other devices of the concerned users. This will further lead to a widespread network of cybercrime. Hence, you must incorporate the SSL certificate and ensure the URL includes HTTPS, not just HTTP.

Technical SEO

You must work on the technical aspects of the websites, from keywords to internal links. In addition, each such attribute should be optimized appropriately to ensure Google’s ranking algorithm doesn’t find any discrepancy in the website while checking the content and other relatable features. 

Mobile usability

The last factor to consider is mobile usability. Your website needs to have a responsive design to ensure users can access it on their mobile phones, irrespective of screen resolution, dimension, etc. The user shouldn’t have to resize the websites or deal with other problems in viewing the content. 


Google ranking ensures your website gains higher visibility, regardless of the type and other attributes. However, you must optimize the website based on the ranking factors discussed in the above article, you may take help from the best SEO agency to achieve the desired results. This way, you won’t have to deal with lost traffic and lower SERPs. 


Currently serving as the Managing Director of SEO Discovery, Mandeep Singh is an ardent reader, learner, and writer. He embarked on a career in Digital Marketing decades ago. Since then, he has been providing solutions to many businesses. He also takes time to keep readers posted with what he learned while building his years of experience. That’s so because he believes in the concept of sharing his expertise.

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