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9 Designers Share Their Dining Room Sets Tips

Every family spends a considerable amount of time in their dining room. Whether it is for family dinners or parties or for finishing homework, your family will frequently use this space. So, you have to ensure that the room is beautiful, functional, and practical.

And to help you achieve these features for the room, we talked with the best interior designers in the country to get their insights. Here are nine decorating tips for dining room furniture that these designers swear by to make the perfect dining room. So let’s get started!

9 Dining Room Decorating Tips to Consider

Choosing The Right Table Width

The tables in our dining room have to be the correct width – to accommodate everyone’s plates, dishes, and much more. And so, while decorating the room, the first thing we have to choose is the correct table width.

According to Justine Hugh-Jones from Justin Hugh-Jones Design, the perfect table width is 1100mm. It allows for the best table set with enough place for wine bottles, candles, glassware, decorations, and food platters. What’s more, this table size is also ideal for initiating conversation.

Customize Table Arrangements

Every house is different, so naturally, every dining room set will also be different from one another. Thus, everyone needs custom table arrangements to meet their needs. For example, Sonia Simpfendorfer from Nexus Designs suggests having an outdoor table like your indoor one. This hack is handy for those who hold parties often since you will need both tables to cater to your guests.

Consider The Table And Chair Height

Sonia Simfendorfer had another incredible insight while choosing your dining room sets – keep in mind the table and chair height while buying the set. You can pair up an old antique table with sleek modern chairs, but it won’t do you any good if their heights don’t match. With mismatched heights, everyone will be uncomfortable and won’t be able to have their food correctly.

Consider A Round Table

Louella Tukcye from Stylist had an interesting suggestion – round tables instead of the traditional square or rectangular ones. This table works best for an open room where the other rooms lead off the main one. Thanks to its soft edges, the round table can act as a thoroughfare and can initiate traffic around it.

Defining Space With Rugs

You wouldn’t want your 4-seater dining table and the chairs surrounding it to lose importance. So, to ensure they get all the proper attention, Greg Natale from Greg Natale Design studio says we should add a rug in the room. We have to measure that the rug is 23.5 inches or 600mm wider than the table and chair ends to ensure even spacing and aesthetic looks.

Keep In Mind The Lighting

We all know how important lighting is for any room. It can make or break the look of a room – making it either super cozy or incredibly dull. So you have to get the correct type of lights for your dining room. According to Mardi Doherty from Doherty Design Studio, pendant lighting is one of the best dining room light options. They are a great way to add a focal point to the room and eradicate the need for downlights. The pendant lights can also make your room look more soothing and help to define the existing space.

Create A Point Of Interest

David Hicks from David Hicks Design says that one’s dining room shouldn’t just be a space for dining room furniture – there should be a point of interest. He adds that you can add the element of interest with different carvers and end chairs. You can also accessorize your dining table if you feel so!

Don’t Forget The Chairs

While trying to decorate our dining room, we often overlook one of the most crucial dining room factors – the chairs. For Romaine Alwill of Alwill Interiors, it is all about the chairs. A beautiful chair can define a beautiful dining room, whether the style is traditional, modern, or both.

Think About Warmth And Texture

Lastly, we have to think about the different textures of the dining room and the warmth they will create. For example, Sarah Ellison suggests a chunky wooden dining table. It is an excellent pick as it works as an anchor in the room while bringing an element of texture and warmth. She also insists on playing with the various shininess levels, textures, and colors for the best results.


Thus, we can conclude that decorating or redecorating your dining room can be time-consuming. But with these tips mentioned above, you will be able to decorate your room the right way within weeks. So what are you waiting for? Head over to your nearest home decor store and get your hands on suitable dining room sets.

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