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8 Interesting Facts about Red Coral Gemstone

For centuries the essence of gemstones has been used for gaining power and energy. Vedic astrology defines gemstones as a source of power. There are nine gemstones found in the core of the earth which are believed to be the most powerful ones.

These nine stones are Ruby, Diamond, Pearl, Hessonite, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Cat’s Eye, and Red Coral.

In this article, we are going to discuss the Red Coral gemstone, a stone found in the depth of oceans.

This solid red stone also known as “Moonga”, is said to be associated with the planet Mars (Mangal). This beautiful stone is known for its mystic red color and texture all over the world. People often use it to make jewelry as well as decorative items.

Apart from their economic use, Astrologers believe this gemstone has tremendous strength. It can provide a lot of benefits to the one who wears it which we will discuss in this article.

Astrological Significance of the Red Coral Gemstone

As per Vedic astrology, the Red coral gem has a lot of physical properties that help its wearer gain many advantages. It will be very beneficial to wear this stone.

Know these interesting facts here:

  1. Red Coral gemstone is made by the creatures of the ocean known as coral polyps. And is found in the very depth which is why this gemstone is said to contain the divine energy of the ocean. Like the water, the person will get the strength to overcome all obstacles that come their way.

  2. The red coral gemstone is said to increase positivity in its wearer. It makes the person motivated and helps him reach his goals or desires.

  3. The main energy of Mars is also said to be provided to the one who wears the. Original Red Coral. Mars increases the vital energy of the person. It also enhances courage.

  4. Original Red coral is also believed to bring good luck. It is said to help the wearer overcome any financial debts they might have and bring prosperity to their home.

  5. Red coral gemstone is said to have many healing properties. This gemstone will help the wearer overcome many diseases like brain tumors, cancer, etc. It also improves the blood circulation in one’s body. The Moonga gemstone is also known to help with problems related to bone marrow, skin, injuries, etc.

  6. The red coral gemstone is also known to reduce the effects of overthinking. It decreases mental problems like anxiety and stress. Provided the wearer with a soothing vibe. This is why people who want mental peace are mostly recommended to wear this stone.

  7. And since this stone helps to control the mind, it is also used in meditation practices. It is believ that the calming energy of this stone will allow the wearer to go along the path of spirituality.

    Indeed, protecting the wearer from negative influence or evil spirits.

  8. The effects of the red coral gemstone also include strengthening the bond between married couples. It is said that this stone increases understanding as well as harmony between them.

Among all these benefits, one thing you should make sure of is to wear this gemstone after careful consideration.

If the stone is worn by the person without checking the horoscope or birth chart, then the stone can have side effects as well. This is why you should ask an astrologer to check the suitability of the stone with your horoscope.

How to Wear the Red coral Gemstone?

You can also ask your astrologer to the Vedic purification method for you or you can do it yourself. The best day to do the pooja is Tuesday since it is said to be the day of Mars.

Take basil leaves (tulsi), raw cow milk, GangaJal (the holy water of river Ganga), and honey. Keep the red coral gemstone in a metal bowl and then put each ingredient one by one on it with a pure heart. Chant the mantra mentioned below 108 times. While you are reciting it for the last time, take the gemstone, clean it with pure water, and wear it.

Om Ang Angarkay Namah

ॐ अं अंगारकाय नमः

Perform this ritual with all your heart and you will get the best advantages of the red coral gemstone.

To Conclude

The red coral gemstone is rare and highly valued. Found in various regions around the world the red coral is known for the various benefits it provides to its wearer.

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