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8 Efficient And Simple Ways To Preserve Skin Collagen

We hear a lot of chatter when it comes to our skin. Everyone from our grannies to our spa specialists has various methods that can give us our glow back. And some do work, but every skin is different and what works for them will not necessarily work for you.

Amongst all this chatter, skin collagen will take the top place. Isn’t it? Everyone talks about boosting collagen, but why?

Well, short answer, it is the protein that keeps your skin radiant and firm. That is why collagen booster is becoming so popular everywhere. Our body starts making less and less collagen as we reach our 20s. Thus, it is imperative to include collagen booster food and supplements into our diet.

Also, it is essential for us to work on the ground level. What does that mean? It means to try and preserve the collagen our body has. Also, it means encouraging our skin to produce it quickly after taking a collagen booster. How? Keep reading to find out!

  • Use retinoids/retinol for your skin

Some studies say that adding retinol/retinoid to your daily routine can preserve collagen in your body. It has vitamin A which regulates genes that help produce collagen. After continuous use of retinol for 12 weeks, you may see improvement in your face as this preserves collagen and work as a collagen booster too.

  • Use tropical vitamin C for your skin’s collagen protection

Products rich in Vitamin C can help you preserve collagen in your body. Also, it is a collagen booster as it triggers the formation of collagen in your skin.

Vitamin- C serum is the best product for pampering your skin with this antioxidant mix. Moreover, it can protect your skin from sun rays and other environmental factors. 

  • Use Bakuchiol

If retinoids are too harsh for your skin or it is causing irritation to your sensitive skin, you can try bakuchiol. They are a natural substitute for retinol. That means they will help your skin regenerate collagen while also working as a collagen booster.

  • Try products with peptides

Peptides are essential amino acids that help the production of protein in our bodies. Thus, products having peptides can help your skin retain collagen. They also help in producing it and increasing the elasticity of your skin.

Note: Never use a new product directly on the skin. First, do a patch test, and if it does not harm your skin, you can try it on your face.

  • Collagen booster supplements are not a bad idea

If you are struggling with multiple signs of aging, using collagen booster supplements is not a bad idea. There are pills, powder, and even liquids that you can use twice or once a day. Buying a natural collagen booster powder is easy to incorporate into your diet. You can mix it in your milk or morning coffee, and it will not change the taste of your drink.

  • De-stress

Stress is a big factor harming your skin. It makes your skin look dull and you become more prone to pigmentation and dark circles. Also, it decreases collagen production in your skin. So, manage stress by doing meditation, yoga, or journaling.

  • Reduce consumption of alcohol

Alcohol and smoking are not just bad for your overall health. They can decrease the production of collagen. If you want to preserve and promote collagen production, quit smoking altogether. It is also the leading cause of lung cancer. When it comes to alcohol, do limit its intake. Sometimes sipping on a glass of wine is fine, but do not make it a habit.

  • Wear that sunscreen

Every expert out there says that irrespective of the weather, wear sunscreen. Also, reapply it to your screen from time to time. It helps preserve the collagen in your skin and also saves you from UV rays while reducing the chances of melanoma. 

Find a sunscreen that suits your skin, and when applying, do not forget your chin and neck.

Wrapping up, if these small lifestyle changes can help our skin produce more collagen and preserve it, isn’t it worth it? Collagen booster supplements and diet will also work only when you make an effort to keep the collagen they help produce.

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