6 Ways to Maximize Your Working Capital for Small Business

Business veterans often advise working capital management because lack of control and supervision can result in a lack of funds to these issues in working capital loans:

  • Continually conduct business as usual
  • Meeting short-term debt
  • Operation expenses must be met

6 Ways to Maximize Your Working Capital for Small Business



On the other hand, startups don’t have a track record to base their funding application. Kickstarter and Indiegogo are crowdsourcing platforms where you can raise small amounts of working capital for your startup from hundreds or thousands of working capital loan investors.

Your business has to reward investors with some product or service in return for their working capital loan contributions. The great thing about crowdfunding is that startups can now access capital, and the money is free except for the reward.

Crowdfunding is not right for everybody – it is most successful with startups with a visually appealing consumer product. Most crowdfunding platforms also do not offer options for partial funding.

Review all invoices

More than 80 per cent of the time, businesses fail because of cash flow problems. Factoring helps B2B companies overcome this problem. When you sell goods or services, instead of waiting for 30, 60, even 90 days to receive payment, invoice factoring allows you to receive payment immediately.

Invoice factoring is often viewed as a traditional form of factoring, which isn’t very small business-friendly. Most traditional factors have long-term contracts and require minimum payments, and are intrusive, requiring contact with clients to verify and collect payments.

Contrary to this, you can submit multiple invoices for funding before considering the types of working capital, and you do not need to contact clients when you use online invoice factors (such as BlueVine). Lastly, your customers can continue paying you through checks or electronic funds transfers.

Renting out equipment

You will avoid having to make large, one-time payments for assets by leasing or renting. The cost of renting or leasing assets is spread out, so the business has more cash in the bank and can easily handle the cash flow. Renting and leasing assets may seem like more expensive methods of acquiring assets. However, if you evaluate the negative effects of lower working capital against the positive effects of higher leasing rates, you may still find that this is a viable option.

Consolidating vendors

Consolidation is usually the best way to optimize vendor relationships for most organizations. If you have more buying power, you will be able to negotiate better rates with key vendors, which will result in lower spending on cost categories like freight. Your organization can use methods to determine more optimal strategies regarding key vendors. Negotiated rates range from basic procedures like site walks to more in-depth procedures like data mining.

Plan out a budget in detail

Among all the phases, this is the most crucial. Make sure you plan carefully. You need to create a budget that considers each step of the process. You must ensure that it is perfectly solid and airtight. Make sure that nothing is missing. It is crucial to account for accidents and surprises that may occur during the course of the project. Make sure there is some extra money earmarked for those situations as well. There is never a guarantee that you’ll ever use it, but it’s always good to have it on hand just in case.

Consider or implement measures to control credit.

Phase three is the most important of all the phases. Take your time planning. Each step of the process must be considered when creating a budget. A budget must be airtight and reliable. No detail should be overlooked. It is essential to plan to avoid accidents and surprises during a project. As well as earmarking money for these scenarios, ensure there is a little extra. No one can guarantee that they will use it, but having it on hand might be helpful if the need arises.

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