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6 Reasons Why Indian Students Prefer to Study in Australia


As per a report around 37,000 students got visas to study in Australia in the year 2018-2019 which is a 32% increase in comparison to the last year. This is mainly because academic institutions provide education of good quality to students. Moreover, these institutions also provide lots of scholarships to students to help them meet their expenses. Apart from this, you can also take up jobs in the country while studying. In short, there are lots of benefits to studying at Australian academic institutions. Keeping this in mind, today we are going to share with you six reasons why Indian students prefer to study in Australia.

Six reasons why Indian students prefer to study in Australia:

World-Class Education

The country features world-renowned universities like Monash University, University of Melbourne, etc. Furthermore, since the qualifications/degrees from these universities enjoy global recognition students from these universities get lots of lucrative job opportunities. This is because the educational institutions of the county provide high-quality education to foreign students thanks to the AQF system. The system ensures that the institutions of the country offer education of good quality to students. Thus, you can expect, to get an education of good quality by studying at the universities of Australia. To learn about the AQF system in detail feel free to contact our Australia education consultants in Noida.

Availability of Scholarships

When it comes to studying abroad the biggest concern of students is their expenses. But you don’t have to worry about your expenses a lot if you study at Australian universities.  Apart from providing quality education these universities also provide various scholarships for Indian students. Moreover, there are many government schemes that help students in paying their living expenses and tuition fees. Here are some of the most popular scholarships that you can apply to cover your expenses:

  • AA Scholarship
  • GyanDhan Scholarship
  • CSIRO Scholarship Program, etc.

Earn While Studying

Indian students who want to graduate from Australian universities can manage their expenses by doing part-time jobs. Indian students with a valid visa to study in Australia can work for 40 hours/week.  Moreover, all the Indian students who stay in the country for more than 12 months can use Australian superannuation. By doing a job in the country while studying Indian students can enjoy a free life without worrying about their living expenses. However, to avoid any problems later make sure you check all your papers before applying for a job.

Post-Work Permit

As per the guidelines of the governments, Indian students who complete their graduation from Australia can apply for a post-study work permit. With this visa, Indian students can stay in the country for four years. Moreover, during this period they can apply for jobs and acquire practical experience. Plus, the pathway to get PR of the country is also easy in comparison to other countries. In a nutshell, you can open a pathway to a lucrative career by pursuing your education at Australian universities.

Job Opportunities

The unemployment rate in the country is not high in comparison to other countries. This is mainly because the country is home to some of the most renowned organizations/businesses in the world. Apart from this, a lot of part-time opportunities are also available for Indian students in the country. In short, Indian students can easily get a job in Australia after completing their education.

Safe Environment

The environment of the country is very safe for Indian students. The country has a low crime rate. This is why Indian parents don’t shy away from sending their children to Australia for education. Apart from this, a large population of the country consists of people of different nationalities.  Thus, you will get a chance to interact and hang out with people of diverse cultures in the country. Plus, the government of the country also has a powerful policy to support/promote communal amity in the country. To learn about this policy in detail feel free to contact our study in Australia consultants in Delhi.


There are lots of benefits to pursuing your education abroad in Australia. It is a stupendous country and is home to some of the top-most schools/colleges across the globe. Moreover, by studying here you get a chance to learn under expert teachers who are famous worldwide. Thus, if you wish to get an education of good quality then you must go to Australia for your studies.

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