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5 Smart Home Devices That You Must Invest in Right Away!

Invest in Right Away

Remember the time? When just a decade ago, you has to get a smartphone to keep up with the world because apparently everything was ‘going smart’. And if for some reason you didn’t have a smartphone, you weren’t cool enough. Well now, the bar has been raised and it doesn’t stop at phones. You have to give your phone the company of ‘smart devices’ to truly call yourself and your habitat ‘smart’.

The past few years have seen a rise in smart devices. Almost every other home either has one or is planning to invest in one. If you belong to the latter then we’re about to make things extremely easy for you. We’re about to jot down 5 of our favorite smart devices that are definite must-haves.

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Nest Learning Thermostat

This sleek and futuristic-looking thermostat is probably the first and the best of its kind. The usage is very simple. Once installed, the thermostat automatically adjusts the cooling of the entire house based on its size and ventilation. You won’t even need a specialized system because the Nest Learning Thermostat would simply sync up with your Google Assistant, all on its own. The downside, however, is that you won’t be able to set different temperatures for different rooms in your home, albeit that’s a rare requirement.

Eve Energy Smart Plug

Yes, you heard it right! If you want your home to be the ‘smart home of the future, even your power plugs have to be smart. The Eve Energy Smart Plug is the best choice not only because it is able to control the devices plugged in, but also it can help you save a great deal of money on your electricity bill. The plug comes with a scheduling feature and monitors your energy consumption in real-time. The plug uses Bluetooth to connect but it can also support the Thread wireless system. All in all, if you are concerned about your electricity consumption, then this is the device for you.

Eufy Video Doorbell 2K

You really shouldn’t have to yell out “Who is it?!” every time the doorbell rings. With the smart Eufy Video Doorbell, you would actually want your doorbell to ring! This smart device comes with a crisp 4:3 display that helps you keep your eye on the porch/doorstep. Moreover, this device has 16 GB of storage and it’s really effortless to install.

Arlo Pro 4

Since we are talking about home security, let us go full circle with Arlo Pro 4. Let’s start with the display first. The Arlo Pro 4 has a 4K display. What sets it apart is the cutting-edge camera. It does not only automatically zoom on the area of the activity but also follows it. For a compact design, it comes fitted with a spotlight and an internal alarm that deters any intruder. All this, without the need of a base station. Simply connect it with your Alexa or Google assistant via WiFi and keep things well-surveilled for any intruders.

Amazon Echo Studio

Almost every smart speaker out there has a flaw or another, but not this one. Let us first look at it as what it is; a speaker. The amazing 3D sound effect in this speaker will make all your music sound like never before. Not only this, once paired with the Amazon Fire TV, you’ll see the true entertainment value you have been missing out on in terms of audio. Why is Amazon Echo Studio the best smart speaker? It is compatible with almost every smart home product out there.

The Final Word

Smart devices are great. From keeping an eye on your doorway to adjusting the temperature in your room. You’re not really living in the future unless everything around you seems straight out of a sci-fi movie. So, don’t hold back and invest in any of the aforementioned smart devices right away.

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