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5 Occasions in A Man’s Life Incomplete Without a Formal Tie

The world of women is flooded with options no matter what thing it is, whereas men hardly have any as compared to the former. If we specifically talk about accessories, women have an eclectic range of categories such as formal, informal, imitation, real metals, and tons of other such parameters, but men are not that blessed. Accessories for men are either formal or informal or versatile that works as both, and nothing in between. This classification also contains few options, and most of them are common in both the categories.

On the other hand, most common accessories available for women have separate counterparts both for formal and informal departments. Men’s formal accessories include bows, ties, watches, or pocket watches. In this blog, we are highlighting 5 occasions where buying best men accessories becomes a priority.


An Indian wedding is a combination of ethnic and formal clothing for men. Thus, whether its your wedding or any of your close friends or cousins’, you need to stack some best men bow ties and other formal accessories to compliment your suits, tuxedos, and blazers. If you have never bought these accessories before, try with the basic colours such as black, navy blue, or wine, as these are the safest formal colours for the newbies.


Whether it is the first interview of your life, or you are about to switch jobs, formal interviews mandate the use of formal accessories for men. Your qualifications and experience help you clear an interview, but your personality helps you cast a good impression in the first meeting instead. Thus, a crisp shirt with a trouser, and a blazer (optional) coupled with some basic formal accessories for men can get your job done.

Professional conferences and meetings

If you landed a job and have entered the business world, irrespective whether you work with a corporate giant or a new startup, formal accessories for men become a crucial part of your life. Thus, whether it’s a formal office meeting, onboarding a new member, client meetings, or stream conferences, formal wear is a common ensemble for all these.

College Farewell

Do you know the first time when a majority of men put on a tie and women drape saree? Yes, you guessed it right – Farewell. Whether you bid ado to your school in the tenth grade or the twelve grade, or graduate from university, farewells call for putting on the best men bow ties and saris depending on your gender respectively.

Meet Her Family

When you are meeting her family for the first time, a formal shirt with some basic formal accessories for men will help you put your best foot forward. Again, her family will judge you according to your qualities and other factors, but a well-dressed man is never a bad idea.

Things to consider while buying the best formal accessories for men

If you are a beginner in this section, start with the safest colours such as black, grey, white, navy blue and wine. There is a lot of scope for experimentation as well with the influx of prints and shade cards, but try it only after you understand your choice and what suits you best.

Simplicity works the best, and remember, less is always more.

If you are up to some fashionista moments, you can try some pastel shades or funky prints in formal accessories for men.

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