5 Major Challenges Faced by the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has rapidly become a significant element of how people live, work and conduct business. All over the world, web-enabled devices are changing our world into an increasingly connected place to live. Industries are trying to adapt to the technological advances of IoT that have transformed the way they conduct operations.

But, these changes have also brought issues and challenges. This post explains an in-depth overview of five major IoT challenges. Understanding these issues will help your IoT app development company to successfully integrate IoT components in your project.

Major Challenges Faced by the Internet of Things

1. IoT Security Issues

Talk to any security professional about the most challenging issues, and they’ll probably bring up IoT devices. Why? In terms of cybersecurity, IoT devices expand the “attack surface” or areas that cybercriminals can use to access a secure network.

Cybercriminals don’t need to break the IoT devices’ plastic enclosure in order to gain access to sensitive materials. They are able to simply hack their way into one of the numerous security holes that you can find across the IoT.

Many IoT devices contain default passwords, unpatched software, and other security faults. Even parents have been notified of people accessing the IoT baby monitors via the internet and using them to communicate with their children.

So, it’s crucial to update and patch IoT devices in the same way as computers and smartphones are. Make sure you examine the security aspect in detail before hiring an IoT app development company to get started with IoT.

2. Waiting for Regulation from the Government

While certain businesses have embraced the IoT however, some are still hesitant. In many instances, these companies are waiting for officials from the government to come up with new regulations and standards.

But, since IoT app development or the common Internet don’t have any connection to any particular city, state, or region, who’s the concerned person for setting these rules? The issue is the big number of devices linked with IoT.

As these devices are sourced from multiple sources that include international partners, vendors, how can local regulatory agencies control the quality of incoming goods? Though many experts accept that IoT app development regulation is essential, however, they are yet to establish any standards or guidelines for people to follow.

3. Problems with Compatibility

The latest technological advances typically come with a large number of rivals eyeing for market share and IoT is no different. This is a good thing as it creates more options for consumers, however, it also can cause compatibility problems. So, consider this before you hire IoT app developers for your IoT project.

The home mesh network is an aspect where compatibility issues are emerging. Bluetooth has been the standard for compatibility used by IoT devices. However, when it comes to home automation with mesh networking, many companies have come up to compete with Bluetooth’s mesh network options, like Zigbee or Z-Wave. It can take years before the market becomes settled enough to create a global standard for IoT.

The compatibility of IoT-based devices is also dependent on users ensuring that they have updated and unpatched devices. It is quite complex. If IoT devices need to communicate with each other with different software versions and operating systems, all sorts of issues with performance and security vulnerabilities can come up.

4. Limited Bandwidth

Many times companies hire IoT app developers but they ignore connectivity issues. As the IoT market increases exponentially, experts are expressing concern that high-bandwidth IoT applications like streaming video will soon compete to make space on the existing server-client model.

The reason is that the server-client model relies on centralized servers to authenticate and control traffic through IoT networks. But, as devices are connected to IoT networks, they typically have to work harder to support the burden.

It is therefore crucial for IoT app development businesses to scrutinize the quality of their IoT service providers, and select one that has a solid track record of innovation and service. Features like smart switching among MNOs are useful to create a more robust and user-friendly IoT product for your clients.

5. Meeting Customer Expectations

In the early 1990s, the rapid expansion of internet connectivity forever changed the way people shop. The internet also changed the customer’s preference from mass-produced, standard items to personalized items and services.

In 2022, consumers have more expectations than they ever have. According to a report released by Salesforce, the majority of consumers are more likely to do business with a forward-thinking company. And 50% of businesses will not hesitate to change brands if their requirements are not met.

Final Say

Despite the limitations and challenges of IoT, it offers many advantages in the current business world. Just connect with an IoT app development company that can think beyond normal and works on adding all the elements of IoT.

Also, when you hire IoT app developers from a reputable company, you get maximum security, top features, post maintenance support, and complete guidance throughout the development process.

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