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5 Items To Use For A Minimalist & Functional Room Design

In Japanese culture, minimalism is prominent. Having a clean and uncluttered environment is one of the main agendas of minimalism. Today, the concept of organisation has spread all over the world. Many people worldwide strive to make their homes tidy and presentable. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to go home to a clean and clutter-free space? A space where you can comfortably distress and relax after a long, tiring day. But if you were to go home to a cluttered and unorganised space, it can be hard to achieve that. 

Thankfully, there are now many ways you can transform your favourite spaces. Many businesses now offer home furniture that incorporates minimalist designs for homeowners who want to redesign their spaces — making it easier to look for functional yet modern furniture.

If you’ve been planning to redecorate your space, don’t worry. This post will help you get it done. First, you’ll need a list of items to help you achieve that minimalist vibe if you want to transform your house. After all, your home furniture will be the factor that will either make or break your space’s theme. 

In this article, let’s look at five different items that you can use to achieve that minimalist yet functional room design. 

1. Thin, steel-framed chairs

First, let’s start with chairs. Can you imagine a house without any chairs at all? No matter how small or big a property is, chairs are necessary. Aside from that, they’re a piece of furniture that is versatile, too. Chairs are not only functional but can also accentuate a room instantly.

If you have chunky dining chairs, I suggest replacing them. Look for thin, steel-framed chairs that can make your room look spacious. One example of stylish and functional furniture is this Cesca chair

The chair perfectly emanates a clean yet elegant design that can instantly beautify a space. Having earth and natural elements in your room can make it cosier, too. Since the chair has a wooden finish, it can effortlessly make your room look homey. 

On top of that, going for thin, steel-framed chairs make it easier to clean your floor. The slimmer the furniture is, the easier they are to maintain. 

2. Hanging shelves

One way to utilise your floor area is to maximise the use of your walls. Today, many furniture businesses offer hanging shelves. If you’ve never seen one before, you’re probably wondering, how exactly do they work? To make it easier, they’re just like your typical kitchen cabinets. 

Instead of having an open and close mechanism, many designers recommend having open shelves instead. Why? First, cabinets tend to be bulky. Second, open shelves can help force you to keep your things organised. 

Since your things will be visible on an open shelf, you’ll have no choice but to keep the things that you need. With the essence of minimalism, open shelves can practise you to let go of the things that you don’t need. 

3. Clear, glass coffee table

One of the tricks interior designers suggest to make your room look clean is through glass furniture. Aside from that, glass furniture brings an elegant and sophisticated feel. But, if you are to purchase one, I recommend going for quality made one. 

Since glass is fragile, you have to be careful with it. Many glass pieces of furniture can be high-maintenance. Of course, if you’re to buy a glass coffee table, you want something that can last you for decades. One that you can resell in the future if it ever no longer suits your taste. 

If you need a glass coffee table, it would be best to look for well-known glass furniture shops. That way, you won’t have to spend on a coffee table that won’t give you the value of your money. 

4. Floor lamp

Just because you’re after a minimalist design doesn’t mean you can no longer decorate your space. Decoration makes a room presentable. One furniture decor that is functional and decorative at the same time is lamps. 

Also, doesn’t it feel nice to have a warmer setting at night? Instead of using table lamps, I recommend going for floor lamps. Even though they might seem like space-takers, lamps are great accent pieces to design a room elegantly. 

If you’re thinking of getting chunky floor lamps, you might want to reconsider that thought. Remember, minimalism is after sleek designs. Many steel-framed floor lamps are of good quality. Look for one that would complement your room’s theme and make it look classy.

5. Mirror shoe cabinets

If you live in a studio apartment, you likely have your shoes right before your doorway. I understand that it’s easier to leave shoes without organising them. But if we’re to look at what minimalism is, leaving shoes unattended is not a part of it. 

If you often do that, I suggest getting mirror shoe cabinets. First, mirrors have a way of making a room look bigger. Second, minimal shoe cabinets will help you keep your ‘clutter’ out of sight. 

Having shoe cabinets will make it easier for you to get and organise your shoes. I also suggest getting rid of your shoe boxes. Why? Because they make it harder to get and put back the shoes. Also, it’s better to shift to slim shoe cabinets that can fit many pairs. If you insist on keeping your shoe boxes, it will only be harder to clean and take out your shoes. 

Despite aiming for a minimalist design, make sure not to disregard functionality. 

The road to minimalism is not easy. The truth is, it can be challenging and costly. Despite all that, it can surely make your life better in many ways. Cleaning and maintaining your home will undoubtedly be better, too. 

But as you start your journey to “less is more.” keep in mind that functionality is as necessary. Make every piece of furniture that you’ll own work for you. Hopefully, my recommendations will help you in your minimalist journey. May these pieces help you keep the things you need and let go of those that no longer spark joy.

About the author:

Bianca Banda is a writer for Where Saints Go U.K., an eclectic online furniture company that provides unique, beautiful, and quality pieces of furniture at affordable prices.

Bianca Banda

Bianca Banda is an ardent writer, aiming to share helpful information and ideas effectively and engagingly.

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