5 Indian men fashion influencer to follow

Does the term “men’s fashion influencer” sound strange? When we think of fashion, our minds immediately conjure up images of dresses, lovely women, full lips, sparkling eyes, stunning stilettos, and so on. But Gen Y has disproved this notion. While women continue to dominate the fashion business, guys are not far behind. Some outrageous appearances and fashion statements have altered the men’s fashion industry as well as fashion influencers.

Indian men’s fashion influencer to follow

1. Akshay Sharma

The one adjective that describes his style is “unique.” His sense of style is adventurous, daring, and ‘unconventional,’ as many of us would say. He is one of the top men’s fashion influencers today thanks to his unique experiments with both formal stripes shirts for men and casual attire. In many of his looks, he has also dabbled with cosmetics and undergarments and nailed every one of them!

You can tell from one look at Akshay that he can pull off any appearance. This is the person you need to follow religiously if you’re looking for unusual fashion advice and ideas!

2. Tejeshwar Sandhoo

When Sandhoo was working on a project that needed him to locate a male fashion influencer, he was astonished to discover that there weren’t many. This led to the creation of Blueberry Blackout. He started his voyage at that point.

Sandhoo was bullied for his sexuality from a young age, and at sixteen he eventually came out to his family. His sister has been his best friend; he frequently speaks lovingly of how she was always there for him.

3. Sandeep Rai.

He works with many different brands, yet he is a one-man show. Sandeep organizes all of his photo shoots on his own, and he even taught himself how to use various editing programs to enhance the quality of his photo editing. In an interview with a well-known online publication, Sandeep disclosed that he is a bit of a control freak, which is why he has to organize his shoots and collaborations.

Sandeep’s stream stands out because he firmly believes in genuineness. He doesn’t participate in any campaigns or photoshoots that don’t, in his opinion, fit with who he is as a person. In every brief he receives, he looks for a room for originality, and it really shows in his postings!

4. Ranveer Allahbadia

a fashion influencer, entrepreneur, YouTube sensation, fitness instructor, and youth icon! Is there truly anything lacking in this man?

Ranveer disproves the stereotype that men can only dress in t-shirts and trousers. He thinks that you should experiment with several styles like stylish shirts for men until you find the one that best suits your personality, and then you should start small trials with that. He also employs this as his guiding principle when producing material.

He is frequently seen wearing varied attire that ranges from professional and sharp to casual. He had originally intended to launch a Youtube channel to chronicle his own fitness journey, but after receiving so much positive feedback, he changed his mind and decided to investigate Instagram as well.

5. Jatin Jay 

Jatin has a sizable following of at least 60k thanks to his presentation of outstanding formal clothing for males. His straightforward fashion sense is simple to emulate, and in addition to fashion advice, he also offers beauty and health advice. In many of his films, he also discusses the best up-and-coming fashion influencers and provides assessments of the top men’s grooming products. Apart from formal attire, he enjoys dressing in a street-style manner. Numerous followers have benefited from his styling advice, and he is working to grow the group by sharing his trip tales.

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