5 Best Loris Azzaro Colognes for Men

Since the 1970s, Loris Azzaro has been creating affordable men’s colognes and perfumes. These scents have been selling like hotcakes for decades, and are great for men on a budget. They don’t smell like a niche fragrance, but they do smell good and are affordable.

Chrome Pure

If you are looking for a fragrance that is reminiscent of fruit trees and moist grass fields, then Chrome by Azzaro is a great choice. This fresh and fruity fragrance contains pineapple, neroli and lemon as its top notes. Middle notes include cyclamen, oakmoss and jasmine.

Chrome Pure has been marketed as a “citrus woody oriental” fragrance. It is a fresh citrus fragrance with a spicy musky note, and it also contains tonka bean and Akigala wood. It is signed by perfumers Olivier Pescheux and Jacques Huclier. Its delivery time is 1-6 business days in metro areas and three to seven days in non-metro areas. You should expect your package to arrive between 6 and 9pm if you are ordering it online.

The Chrome Pure Cologne is the heir to the illustrious family of Chrome fragrances. As a new reformulation, it promises “pure emotions” and “pure happiness.” Inspired by timeless moments between a father and son and a modern-day Super Dad, this fragrance illuminates the bond between father and son. It is available in three sun tides and a trio of luminous pairings.

Chrome United

Chrome by Azzaro is the signature fragrance of the Italian designer. Its aroma is reminiscent of fruit trees and moist grass fields. Top notes include lemon, pineapple, and neroli. Other ingredients include bergamot, cyclamen, and coriander. The middle notes are oakmoss and jasmine.

Chrome United is a watery and spicy fragrance for men designed by Azzaro. It starts with bergamot and spicy Szechuan pepper, then cascades into a heart of violet leaf and Ceylon black tea. A white musk grounds the scent and lasts a long time on the skin. It is a perfect fragrance for both day and night.

This fragrance is a tribute to the hedonist and is dedicated to men who enjoy good times. It is available in 50 and 100 ml EDT. The bottle is blue, and comes with a chevron-patterned silver cap.


Wanted by Night by Azzaro is a spicy, woody fragrance of Perfume Elegance. It embodies the scent of a man who is confident and daring. The scent also features notes of cinnamon, red cedar and tobacco. The dark, lacquered bottle is elegant. Wanted by Night is available in 50 and 100-ml Eau de Parfum. The fragrance can also be purchased in a body lotion.

Wanted was inspired by Azzaro’s life in the 1970s. This masculine scent captures the endless parties of the era. The scent also reminds one of the modern-day Gatsby, a man who stands out from the crowd. The scent awakens the senses and inspires desire.

Solarissimo Marettimo

The solarissimo collection from Loris Azzaro evokes the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. The fragrances are reminiscent of an island getaway and each has its own distinctive flavor. Solarissimo Marettimo, for example, is a blend of woods and aquatic notes that recalls the warmth and radiance of the sea. The fragrances feature a unique blue bottle that evokes the Mediterranean sea.

This masculine scent evokes the essence of the Mediterranean, evoking feelings of sun-drenched freshness and a splash of sea water. With its alluring woody notes and sun-kissed citrus notes, it evokes summer’s serenity. The scent is packaged in a unique glass bottle with a luminous blue spectrum to express the fragrance’s simplicity and refinement. The natural ash wood cap reflects the fragrance’s warmth and power.


Onyx Loris Azzaro combines the best of woody, citrusy, and floral accords to create a distinctive, fresh, and sophisticated cologne. The scent opens with notes of mandarin orange, lavender, bergamot, and cardamom and moves to a warm, woody drydown that includes notes of patchouli, moss, and amber.

The Onyx Loris Azzaro eau de toilette is a sweet, spicy, and woodsy aroma scent of Perfume Elegance that’s reminiscent of the 70’s. It opens with a citrus note that resembles lemon, while a creamy bourbon vanilla base gives it a sweet gourmand feel. It is a great choice for men who are looking for a cologne for men that smells good and is a great value.

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