4 Ideas to Take Marketing a Next Level Up

Marketing is paramount for the constant growth of a business. Even if you are an established business, you cannot imagine surviving without marketing. A higher customer retention ratio does not mean that you do not need to run marketing campaigns to attract a large number of new customers.

The ultimate goal is to keep growing your customer base. Whether you are a start-up or an established business, you need to spend money on marketing constantly. However, most of the time, you overemphasise marketing that you do not realise that you are stagnant at the same level.

If you want to increase your customer base, you will have to handle marketing smartly. You should try to run the campaigns in a way that attracts a lot of people without costing you an arm and a leg.

4 Ideas to take marketing the next level up

Here are the ideas that you should follow to make your marketing more successful.

  • Share video testimonials

Why blow your own trumpet when you have a bunch of happy clients to tell their best experience in their own words? Instead of telling what your product can do, you should say to your prospects about the experience that your current customers have already gained by using your product.

People will more likely believe them as they have used your product. Everybody knows that companies will never talk about the drawbacks of their products, and hence they may have apprehensions about claims and promises you make. Still, when they watch a testimonial in words from your customer, they will definitely believe you.

Instead of getting them in text, you should consider using video testimonials as it proves that there is a real person behind words shared by your prospects. They get more engagement on social media, and above all, research has proved that videos convert more prospects.

If you are in person with your client, you can record their testimonials, and if they are apart, you can ask them to record them and send you the file. However, some of the users hesitate to share video testimonials. Try to offer them incentives.

  • Upgrade your website with LiveChat

Your website can be a part of your marketing strategy, and it should be, especially if you have been receiving a lot of traffic. You would want them to put in a query or take action of buying your product.

If you have noticed many of them are going away without taking the desired action, it means your website is failing. Even though you have a contact us page, nobody would bother to go there to fill in queries especially. It is your responsibility to provide your customers with ease.

You should include a LiveChat system on your website so they can post a query. No matter which landing page they are on, they will be able to reach out to you immediately. Further, LiveChat support will help you reach out to them for help as soon as they visit your website.

Research has shown that more than 50% of customers want businesses to be active round the clock. Over 90% of customers admire businesses to have LiveChat support. LiveChat support can help you solve the queries of users more quickly, and this will help them make a buying decision sooner.

  • Invest in loyalty

You have gained your clients, and you are to chase new prospects still, but it does not mean that you will forget those clients who have already made a purchase from you. Your role does not end just when you convert your prospects into sales.

Your existing clients are real assets to your business – after all, they trusted your brand, tried your products, did reviews, and provided you with referrals. This is why you should not ignore their loyalty in the rush of finding new clients.

You should make your current clients feel that they are special to you, and henceforth, you should provide them with exclusive benefits. You can provide them with a free guide that can help improve their lives.

Of course, they have been buying your products for a long time. They should be given the right to get the guide free of cost. You can send them a thank you note to show your courtesy. However, sometimes customers expect more, so you can offer them a product at half of the cost or waive off your shipping charges.

These kinds of efforts will actually help you retain your existing customers. It is crucial to attracting new prospects, but at the same time, you should find ways to retain your current customers. This may require you to spend some money. Take out installment loans for bad credit direct lenders only no guarantor in case you do not have enough money.

  • Focus more on clients

You should spend less time on marketing and more time with your clients. You should be in touch with your clients in order to understand their real concerns. This will likely help you know about their needs, and with your proactive approach, you can win over your competitors.

The more personalised way you use to solve the problems of your users, the better it is. You can also outsource automated marketing services. By outsourcing, you will be able to spend time on your core activities while the outsourcing company will stay in touch with your clients through social networking sites and other platforms.

Outsourcing will require you to spend some money, and if you do not have enough money, you can take out 15 minute loans with a direct lender. However, at the time of taking out money, make sure that you can easily repay your debt.

The bottom line

If you want to make the most of your marketing, you should ensure that you follow the tips mentioned above. Marketing is expensive yet essential, and you can take the result from it a notch above by creating it around your prospects needs.

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