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14 Things You Don’t Know You Could Do With the Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners play a vital function in keeping the home tidy and clean. Have you ever wondered what’s more than what you see? Check out the following article to discover what you could do with the vacuum cleaner that go beyond the simple task of cleaning your home or furniture.

If you think that vacuum cleaners are just helpful to clear cobwebs and clean upholstery, think again. You’ll be shocked to learn that there are a variety of fun activities you can enjoy with your vacuum cleaners, but not all of them are centered on cleaning. Explore the potential of Roomba 550 vacuum next time you pull it to work.

Vacuum Fun You Would Love to have!

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1. A Perfect Solution for the Bugging Issue

Do you find yourself constantly trying to find the perfect shot at an insect with an insect swat? Do you need to use toxic insecticides? No longer! Take a cleaner and get all the bothersome bugs. Use it to clean the corners of furniture and get rid of annoying items underneath it. It’s the best thing that you do not have to be close to them.

2. Lost and Found

One of the most effective uses of vacuum cleaners is discovering small objects lost frequently. Don’t spend hours on your feet searching for buttons, jewelry and the like. Use your vacuum cleaner and help.

Connect a muslin or a stocking around the nozzle, then move it around. Small objects that have been lost are in your possession in very little time.

3. Lint Up

Do you have a husband who complains about your pet’s fur stuck on his clothes? Cleaning it off by hand isn’t an easy task, so you should know you should try something else.

Place your vacuum cleaner in the direction of clothes stretched over an even surface. Ask your spouse to hold the vacuum. Move the nozzle up and down to eliminate unattractive hair, fur and dust.

4. Let It Go

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Are you sensitive to your pet’s fur and are finding it difficult to clean it without creating an allergic reaction? It is now possible to keep it at bay while still cleaning your pet’s fur using the help of a vacuum cleaner.

Make sure your suction is down before moving the nozzle around the body. Your dog will be thrilled, but only if he’s not scared by the sound.

5. Help Your Baby Sleep

If you find it difficult to calm your baby’s crying regardless of the tricks you attempt, here’s a great suggestion. Place the vacuum cleaner away so that your baby will hear it. It shouldn’t sound too deafening. The sound could suffice to soothe your child and help him relax.

After discovering the various other benefits of a vacuum, you’ll look forward to taking it out and using it for much more than cleaning. The powerful machine has a variety of uses for its nozzle. It’s your responsibility to discover these!

6. Fix Carpet Dents With Ice

Fluff Design uses this trick in staging homes: Get rid of those pesky carpet dents using ice cubes upon them. As the water melts, carpet fibers change into more flexible. Clean a vacuum over the area to cause the carpet straight once more.

7. Stop Wall Scuffs Masking Tape

To avoid scuffs when you accidentally knock on a door or baseboard when vacuuming, wrap the edges of your machine’s head using masking tape in white.

8. Create a Cute Costume for Your Child.

Make use of an older vacuum cleaner’s hose, soda bottle duck tape, and a martial arts outfit (worn reversed) to create a unique costume for Halloween that resembles an astronaut.

9. Make a Dazzling, Smudge-Proof and Pristine Polyynyl

carpet clean 22

It’s slightly odd; however, as you see in this viral clip, a (clean) vacuum pipe can be used as a brush. Put a hairband on the hose’s end to be able to slide over hair after it’s been swept.

10. Do You Groom Your Cat?

We’re not able to be a representative for all cats. However, Bobo, the cat, loves being cleaned using soft dusting and crevice tools. If you’re not Bobo’s owner, you should not try this at your home.

11. Utilize a Toilet Paper Tube for Extender

You can get into small spaces (like sliding tracks for doors!) with an old cardboard tube to create an extension that you can mold to fit an air hose.

12. Freshen Up The Air

Use your vacuum cleaner to wash your carpets and freshen the air in the process! Before you begin to vacuum, sprinkle a handful of the lemon essential oil (or the oil you prefer) on the cotton ball. Place the cotton ball in your vacuum’s dust cup and then vacuum as usual.

The airflow in your vacuum will help disperse the aroma of essential oil and will freshen the air you breathe as you go!

13. Freshen up Your Pillows

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Do you wash your pillows? You probably wash your pillowcases regularly; however, what do you do with the soft areas they cover? The standard pillowcase is ideal for collecting dust, sweat pollen, mites, skin, and various allergens.

However, if you’ve got the brush tool that comes using your vacuum cleaner, you can eliminate the majority of these allergens at a minimum effort.

Begin by spreading baking soda on your pillow. It should help to eliminate excessive moisture and unpleasant smells. After that, simply clean the pillow with the correct attachment.

14. Recycle Your Vacuum Cleaner

It’s true; there are various ways you can convert an old, unused vacuum into a helpful tool. Make use of the multiple components and accessories to create unique contemporary art. Use the central hose to create a special light to decorate your home.

Some people can harvest the parts from an older vacuum cleaner and make robots and remote-controlled cars.

Be sure to dispose of the used vacuum. Find out if anyone else could be interested in it. If it’s still working, then someone will be grateful for it.

If it’s not working, keep spare parts ready for the event that you require these parts shortly. So, if you choose to dispose of your vacuum, make sure you dispose of it responsibly at your local recycling Centre.

It’s true what they claim A vacuum cleaner isn’t only for cleaning!

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