10 Things Every Home Studio MUST Have to Create High-Quality Voice Over Audio

If you have ever recorded voice over services for your project, you should know that it requires three things: the right voice, a good script, and adequate editing. For your voice over to sound great, however, you need to prepare beforehand. A well-equipped home studio is the first step in having a polished audio production.

  1. High-Quality Microphone

The best voice over the microphone will be the one that works best for you. There is not one perfect microphone, but hundreds of different ones. When purchasing a new mic, the most important idea you should have in mind is your voice over style. Are you recording audiobooks? If so, then look for a ribbon microphone to capture the nuances in a nuanced voice like yours.

  1. Microphone Accessories 

A microphone is an under-appreciated miracle of technology. From recording your voice to amplifying it, this tiny little gadget does an amazing job. But even the best microphone faces limitations when placed in a room with excessive noise. This is why many professionals find it useful to invest in three essential accessories that can make all the difference.

Microphone stand: The microphone stand is designed to keep the microphone stand sturdy, steady, and secure. Most people put the mics on their desk or table. However, this creates two problems: it distorts the sound from picking up extraneous noise and vibration from other items around it and you can’t move your hands freely while speaking. The microphone stand is built to help fix both of these issues.

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Shock mount: A soundboard is your best friend when you have to do lots of takes. It absorbs the vibrations and lets you get a better recording. It’s designed to reduce noise caused by mechanical vibrations and handling, with rubber dampeners for isolating and eliminating unwanted vibrations.

Pop screen: Tired of hearing the popping and bumping in your recordings? Our new upgraded Pop Filter with a Metal Screen is more effective at reducing or completely eliminating those sounds. It’s made of high-quality steel and is more durable than standard pop filters.

  1. Audio Software, Quality Computer 

When it comes to recording and editing, a solid DAW is the foundation of your entire studio. There are a lot of things you should consider when purchasing this software — what features most appeal to you? How much do you want to spend on this tool? Each individual recording engineer’s needs are different and can range greatly.

  1. Mic Preamp, Processor, Best voice over services

Putting your money in the right place is critical to starting a business — knowing exactly how much money you need to launch, and where to get it, is a surefire way to avoid burning out before you get your business off the ground. If you’re looking to launch a business in a hurry, a small business loan can help you get all of the essentials, from inventory and office supplies to website and software development.

A channel strip is a high-quality audio processing unit designed to improve recordings, a channel strip comes with a preamp, compressor, and equalizer that govern your entire recording. Engineers use them to get the best sound out of their equipment in studios. They’re also great for any amateur recording enthusiast or musician who doesn’t want to invest in individual pieces of equipment.

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  1. Mixer 

For podcasting, voice over services, recording playback, and other audio-intensive projects, nothing beats a mixer. Keyboard shortcuts and mouse clicks just don’t cut it when it comes to fine-tuning audio levels and choosing individual tracks or sources. The Mackie Onyx 820i is a compact mixer with eight built-in sound cards, allowing for quick and intuitive control on your computer — without the mess of cables.

  1. ISDN Voice Over Equipment

ISDN is a connection platform that allows audio professionals to connect with each other over the phone, thereby achieving high-fidelity audio in remote sessions. Using ISDN to connect with your clients through their studio means you can record voice over services from the comfort of your own home — no commute necessary! ISDN has been standard for recording studios and voice over actors for decades.

  1. Studio Headphones

Studio headphones are an essential tool for anyone looking to record audio at home. They are designed specifically to capture audio accurately, which lets you hear exactly what you’re recording as you record it. They also include a wider frequency range and superior construction, making your recordings sound amazing! Not only do studio headphones let you hear exactly what you’re recording, they make sure that every part of your recording sounds great — thanks to their wide frequency range.

  1. Studio Monitors

Computer monitors are essential equipment for music producers, songwriters, and audio artists. While one screen is enough to get the job done, adding a second monitor instantly increases your productivity and overall creative output. With multi-screen setups and advanced video calibration, you can even improve your studio’s audio quality.

  1. Sound Card or Audio Interface

Sound cards and audio interfaces receive sound from analog, or classic, sound sources like microphones and instruments. A music producer’s best friend, a sound card digitally records voice over services and instruments and then carries these high-quality audio files to your computer for editing. 

  1. Soundproof Treatment

Soundproofing is a way to control the ambient noise in your recording studio. By selecting the right soundproofing material, you can dramatically improve your ability to produce high-quality recordings. There are three main ways to improve the sound quality of a room: insulate it, decrease the amount of reverberation and eliminate unwanted sounds. Acoustical foam, bass traps and even moving walls will help you achieve an ideal environment for recording without unwanted noise.

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